2015 novice micro businesses need to pay attention to eight issues

didn’t write an article for a few days and didn’t know what to write. Over the past few days, I’ve found that my friends are doing more and more. For other micro dealers, you do good and bad with me no relationship. However, my friends do micro business I need to help them, intend to write this article, I hope to help novice friends.


this article introduces the micro business, but I used a piece of the picture, we know what I want to say what I mean, I want to say, whether it is micro – agent, micro – business, most of them are liars. This micro business for a while and said how much money, said that while the goods is not enough to sell, to feel nausea nima.

people have a conscience, micro operators, please touch your chest, ask yourself, you really do not deceive users? Also earn ten thousand a month, you can make your home electricity is good. The real money micro business, they would like every scraper like you? They don’t do these toil live.

now micro business, there are several real selling products? Is the so-called MLM fraud day transfer, several number and their own speak and express order, delivery graph is fraud. Users see you earn so much money every day, so much money to sell, they joined the generation. Do you accept the initial fee, spank leave, simply ignore home.

micro business is the most time to sell WeChat fire mask recruit agents, and some micro agents also earn a lot of money by proxy. However, there are a lot of part of the remaining mask of micro business can not eat their own food every day. Slowly, micro business mask was exposed, just to earn agency fees, where to sell the mask ah. It can be said that now almost everyone knows that micro business is a liar.

derivative, a mask, the mask also lost. Many people do micro business selling mask to earn money, there are a lot of people do business has lost the mask. Micro business, mainly for relatives, friends, people nearby, you have not cheated, you have to pull their friends, relatives come in. Like pyramid schemes, micro business pits are their relatives and friends, since doing a micro business, you will not have relatives and friends.

after school, I was cheated into the pyramid scheme, spent a year in mlm. I am deeply aware of how I was brainwashed by MLM, and I deeply know how I was brainwashed by the new staff. They are using the power of the team, using a variety of means to coax you, deceive you, directly to you out of the money they will not ask you. MLM success is that they will brainwash, but the final outcome of MLM, I do not say that we all know.

micro business people, have you thought that you are doing is derivative or MLM? Do you know what is the derivative? You get home all day is the derivative of the false picture released, scraper, recruit agents, deceive users? You want to really want to do just for the money an irksome micro business? If yes, you.

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