Rural Taobao upgrade village Amoy partner or attract college students to return home Entrepreneurshi

the reporter newspaper correspondent Tang Zhili Bao Yafei / Wen Liang Jinming / drawing

rural Taobao, the concept from the beginning of the creation of a lot of people in front of the electricity industry.

Combining the

and the Tonglu Alibaba, looks more like an Internet connected to gas line experiment:

The first obstacle

Ali wants to enter the rural market from two levels of logistics, at this point, Tonglu not only has the advantage of a large number of express richly endowed by nature, agriculture, industrial products also need to the local market.

two hit it off. Tonglu Ali became the country’s first rural electricity supplier pilot counties. Started in October last year, it was some surprise that the roots are grafted to the electricity supplier in Tonglu branch to Tonglu, take root in the countryside, with luxuriant foliage up.

rural Taobao, the country’s first single

is a


"which thought so easily, do not bargain, not back to transport, bought all 5 minutes." Luo Qiuying is Tonglu village villagers. In October 29, 2014, she came to the village canteen, and the boss in the online purchase of some daughter married dowry. The boss told her that three days later will be sent to the door.

looks like a online shopping seems very common, but few people know that behind the deal: the significance of milepost type online shopping in the store, the official name should be called "the Taobao", is the 29 day out, Luo Qiuying is selling the rural Taobao the first single this shop is Alibaba group, "ten thousand village thousand county plans the first county operations center, the first village service station.

it is a sign of the opening of Taobao into the countryside, but also to build a model of rural electricity supplier in Tonglu, Alibaba started.

money newspaper reporter learned of the situation, first opened 4 points, only opened in the afternoon of the first day of the 3 point ~5 completed 335 transactions, this is completely strange to the rural people business soon recognized by people.

two years ago, in the face of the term "electronic commerce", the majority of the people of Tonglu or "looked" state, do not trust, not near, don’t try. This time, Taobao is also deep in the city battlefield: clothing, cosmetics, electrical appliances and other products have been the main online shopping.

Alibaba Research Institute, rural e-commerce consumer report data show that, along with the process of urbanization, in 2016 the country’s total rural online shopping market is likely to exceed 460 billion yuan. When it comes to Taobao "grafting" in rural areas, the Alibaba group COO Zhang Yong said that the rural development strategy is one of the three strategic Alibaba listed overseas after the village of Tonglu county is a thousand million pilot overall plan the early part of their plan, the total investment is 10 billion yuan in three to five years, the establishment of 1000 county-level transport.

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