2016 Taobao eleven turnover will be how much See the data Ma arris!

tonight is an exciting night, whether the Alibaba board chairman Ma Yun, or we are ordinary people, to celebrate the double eleven to quickly cut the hand and excitement.

used to make people feel a bit lonely day, but because of the emergence of double eleven, let this man belongs to the single lonely day, became a high-profile shopping carnival.

for double eleven, relative to the rest of us are more concerned about the 2016 Taobao double the turnover of $eleven. After nearly 1 hours of official reported turnover, should be able to make an approximate trend forecast for this year’s turnover.

first look at last year’s double eleven transaction data:

2009, double eleven turnover over 50 million;

2010, double eleven turnover of up to 936 million;

2011, double eleven Taobao + Tmall turnover of 5 billion 200 million;

2012, double eleven Taobao Tmall deal total of 19 billion 100 million;

2013, Alipay all day long the total turnover of 35 billion;

2014, double eleven turnover of 57 billion 100 million;

2015, double eleven turnover of 91 billion 217 million.

in front of a few years are multiples of growth, it will clinch a deal this year? How much? How can the specific transaction, is still unknown, only can predict, turnover this year will certainly be more than 150 billion.

why dare to give this data? Let’s look at a set of data to understand!

this year’s double eleven data are as follows (part):

6 minutes and 58 seconds, turnover of 10 billion!


15 minutes, turnover of 20 billion!


21 points, $24 billion! Wireless accounted for more than 85%! More than 2012 full year sales!


40 minutes, over 30 billion! Wireless accounted for more than!



1 hours, 35 billion 300 million!


see here, even ma have stayed!


well, can no longer continue to track the data, or else do not get up early to work, had to be the boss K! As for 2>

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