8 key points of e-commerce website construction

B2C e-commerce website has received more and more attention, then we should pay attention to the problems in the construction of e-commerce web site.

key point one: strategy

network marketing strategy must satisfy the need. Specifically, the strategy to answer four basic questions: one is the positioning of the site is what? What is the product line? Cash flow? Two is the function of the website is what? What is the price level is three? What is the link for promotion? Four is how to take the channel? How to control the cost of management? Implement? These problems, both from a macro or micro analysis, should be in place.

key point two: talent

has a strategy to have the right people to do. The governor, Chen Tao; zhirenzhe, epiphany. How to choose and employ the strategy is the key to success or failure. A good strategy is not equal to the right people. This is divided into three levels, the first level is the selection, the second level is the employer, the third level is to enhance people. Many people who can not choose, many candidates to not correct people, unable to retain talent of the heart; for many of the right but not to the talent development and the promotion of space, the end result is the same, is to defeat Wujiang.

key point three: integration

The era of

powerful e-commerce information flow and logistics speed and brutal cash flow into the society, strong demand of e-commerce enterprise integration. Integration is divided into three levels, the first level is the integration of suppliers and other products, the second level is the integration of logistics providers and other processes, the third level is the integration of the key points of the industrial chain of talent.

key point four: modest

must be modest. Some aspire to engage in B2C e-commerce, some of these people really open-minded, some arrogant, true modesty may not be successful, but others must be failed. There are many forms of defiant, one sign of the self, in addition to their own, the invited people are false, anything it is their right, everyone else is wrong, others insist on their views and at once, can not stand; he did not think they invited people dare to view your tit for tat what is he, figure? Of course is responsible for things and people in charge. The two form is not modesty of smatter, any industry, without careful analysis, understand the fur, they shout and wrangle everywhere to show off, know that failure, is not recognized. The third is the general feeling in the inner world is the most intelligent, humble heart surface, it is defiant, failure of the main.

key point five: mentality

mentality must be better. Do not feel a B2C project because he is an investor, is a key figure, on the contempt of all Recruitment partners, the inner world that they are BOSS, people are working. Think of this problem, B2C will be more serious death. To >

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