Witkey mode will successfully grafted to the Ali in

wrote an article yesterday, introduces the significance of the new function of Alipay and the balance of treasure. After a number of friends in the 84 place on the official website of the message or QQ chat expressed their views, we are very active. Thank A5 for giving me the opportunity to get to know so much ambition and congenial friends, thank you.

but closer to home, today’s theme is not Alipay, but a continuation of yesterday against Alipay’s view of the old cuts. An article mentioned Alipay deleted the guarantee options, we will turn money into Taobao I this section to help you. This plate and Witkey is really a bit similar to the content of plate mainly concentrated in writing and translation services, the development of the site, model photography and so on several aspects, which are basically non real business, and therefore committed to the sale of Witkey mode is very similar to intelligence.

In fact, Taobao

this transformation is not without reason, the first domestic Witkey industry increasingly chaotic, uneven quality of Witkey, cheat buyers release occurred frequently, which have led to a change in the Witkey industry needs to reshape the intelligence service image, secondly, as a leader in the electricity supplier industry, Taobao in the electronic business platform construction has become increasingly perfect, in a foundation of this up involved in the virtual service, in fact is an extension of their own advantages, worthy of recognition.

but as electricity providers started the future platform for the construction of key financial data, as well as the Ali group, Witkey form virtual service whether can succeed, can verify the disadvantages of traditional pig Witkey website cannot be ruled out remains to be time. But there are several advantages and development on error prone points Ali construction personnel attention needs.

own advantages:

1 Taobao has a huge number of user groups, to promote the pressure of a project will be very small, so the exposure does not need to worry about Taobao.

2 as a leader in the electricity supplier, Taobao in terms of payment, logistics and the successful operation of the commodity can be well used to the new plate, is the rational use of resources. In addition, Ali can also rely on me to help you to the next section of the new line to accumulate data services, the development of the future will be very helpful.

3 can be grafted to the virtual business resource service is new for everyone’s questions, if you can be involved in some electricity supplier development needs to use, such as shop decoration, so the development potential will be great.

4 no profit rigid index, as a model of the platform, Taobao is far less than the traditional Witkey website in this profit pressure.

error prone points:

1 can not be developed in order to develop, you can accumulate the user, but not for the purpose of user growth and placed in the limit, to enhance the quality of the members of the platform is actually healthy development of protection.

2 in addition to strengthening the supervision of members

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