Net sales of beauty mask bacteria exceed the standard manufacturers said is fake

Beijing News (reporter Li Tingting) yesterday, Chinese quality around the release of the "investigation report" status quo China mask industry quality in 2014 showed 1 beauty mask and 2 ten year old beauty mask was detected in the total number of colonies exceed the standard; at the same time, beauty mask was also detected in pathogenic bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

this, two brands of mask manufacturers said that this is not a few problems mask its origin, but the net sale of counterfeit goods".

47 batches of substandard batches of mask


yesterday, China will promote the quality of miles will be released in 2014, China’s mask industry quality status report.

it is understood that the report from June 2014 to September to carry out an investigation, mainly on the physical store and network sales platform for the sale of electronic products to compare the mask. Staff will be promoted in the store as well as Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other electronic business platform, the purchase of 47 batches of samples.


report showed yesterday, these samples, 3 batches of unqualified samples, including the 2 "ten year old beauty mask" and "beauty" mask 1.

where two of the failed "Ten Beauty" mask, were purchased in the store and shop. Net purchase of the total number of colonies exceeded 5.3 times the total number of colonies exceeded the store shop for more than 31 times, while also being added to the fluorescent whitening agent. While the 1 in the shop to buy beauty mask in addition to the total number of colonies was detected exceed the standard 720 times, was also detected in Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa).

According to

, the total number of colonies exceeded the specification of the product can not meet the basic health requirements, will destroy the essence of nutrients, accelerate its spoilage, and endanger human health and safety. In addition, Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a kind of pathogenic bacteria, when the body resistance is low, can cause disease, and cause the death of patients.

two problem mask shop has disappeared

according to the source of the sample mentioned in the report, the reporter visited the online sales of the two mask shop situation, but found that both the shop has disappeared.

5 pm yesterday, the reporter in the Taobao search online sales of "beauty" Mask "Jinhua skin care products", the system displays corresponding store information not found". With the same search, sales of "Ten Beauty" Mask "Yu biotechnology flagship store, also no sales store.

for this situation, China will promote the quality of the Council, according to the relevant process of the investigation report, the staff in the test results came out in a timely manner to inform the enterprise. Subsequently, the two companies after the sample survey, presented evidence, proved that the sampling problems the 3 mask is a "fake", and 2 complaints to the electronic business platform selling shop. Then the 2 shop was closed.


What are the reasons for the

problem mask


has no effective supervision, 30 thousand ten year old beauty mask.

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