Lanting Pavilion is a potential open platform to start cross-border logistics Zhitong Lanting Pavili


technology news January 26th afternoon news, Lanting Pavilion set of potential cross-border electricity supplier (LightInTheBox) announced the launch of "Lanting Pavilion Zhitong" cross-border logistics open platform, the platform will provide logistics services providers around the world for cross-border electricity supplier sellers.

according to reports, the Lanting Pavilion open price auction, the global smart intelligent path optimization, multi business collaborative logistics and distribution capabilities. At present, the first phase of the trial version of parity engine has been on-line today.

Lanting Pavilion set potential CEO Guo Quji said, Lanting Pavilion Lanting Pavilion set integrated Zhitong potential cross-border electricity accumulation experience, logistics system, data, the platform will also open to logistics companies and agents. (Wen Dao)

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