Site earnings need to pay attention to matters

webmaster’s job is to meet the different needs of users, may be knowledge, may be services, may be entertainment. Only to give users a better experience, the site can better development, the owners will get more revenue. Do not think that these attitudes and details and the development of the site is not very much, in fact, a large number of large portals will often become more attractive things. For example, a farmer has a family of 3 legs of the chicken, after being reported. May be some webmaster title into "discovered prehistoric creatures" and so on, to attract the attention of the user, which is also called "the title of the party". But when the Internet was blinded by this behavior many times after the fraudulent click form has the development prospect, for the larger portal, this behavior has a great influence on its reputation.

In fact, some of the

is very common details can be used to integrate their own characteristics into the site after the more able to provide users with personalized service. From the front to meet the needs of different users of the site is a good site, will have a good development. Here is a specific practice.

1, the link within the page can be linked to text links

first picture links too much, will lead to the page is too large, the first search engine does not like, the user browsing speed will slow down, will naturally affect the mood of the site, is not conducive to the user experience. At the same time, Baidu spiders do not know the picture, can only be identified through the image description, many webmasters tend to ignore this step. The same size of the picture and text links, I believe that the text links will be more attractive, spiders are more likely to crawl.

2, pay attention to the layout of the word chain page

no more and no less, can be maintained at around 6%, at the same time the keywords appearing in bold, add links and other operations can also have some positive impact on the ranking of words. Key words for reasonable control and change, can effectively improve the key words in the search engine rankings and the weight of the page, but also to increase the site PV bring some help.

at the same time the site of each page of the target keywords is best limited to 2-3, otherwise the page content writing, internal link arrangement, the text of the external links will encounter irreconcilable contradictions. The final result is, despite the majority of keywords in the page, but in the search engine rankings, a page can only get 2-3 word ranking page keywords only, disadvantages too much is that search engine keyword stuffing.

3, the design of the site block chess to be generous, beautiful, practical

is generous to the user into the home page or content page will feel the page is simple and clear, at a glance. Beauty refers to the same page color not more than 4 kinds. Avoid allowing users to dazzle, easy to produce visual fatigue. At the same time, the main color of the page and other color contrast do not contrast too much, web pages are not works of art, to avoid >

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