Expedition 11 South Korea are behind the clothes have a house of 007

Wen / Yang Rong

[Abstract] 007 "ghost" to the starry magic double 11, this is the starry had frozen the explosion point! Starry to show in the most wonderful way to brand the 28 high-profile, and "007: Ghost party" was released in November 13th, more like for the upcoming 11 double gift! Xi Jinping’s visit to Britain by Xing Dongfeng, Chinese starry encounter 007 of the UK, the best we can double 11 to


at the same time, the Korean homes are involved in the film and television drama gimmick for the industry to add more imagination.

November 2nd, starry media official said in an interview: "this 9 days before the double 11, we still have a frozen" explosion "is in accordance with the established rhythm of one by one" detonated "." Two days later, the "007 party": Ghost discovered the starry Tmall flagship store home, netizens exclaimed: another heavyweight "blast" suddenly "off"


007 into double 11

, the British Intelligence Agency six military intelligence agents, code 007 and 2015 11 double intersection historic! It is reported that 007 exclusive car will be auctioned in 11 during the double, the auction winner can get the chance to meet Bond and James. At the same time, "007: Ghost party" before the reflection of the warm-up and China’s largest Internet fashion brand operating group Han Douyi homes closely linked together.

netizens joked, 007 into the double 11!

the last 53 years, the birth of the 24 film, the change of the 6 stars, but the actor is always only one, this is the movie "007" well-known, far and near. The hero James Bond was cruel but passionate, witty and courageous, always in the most danger change danger into safety, also can encounter a romantic love.

and after 50 years still swept the world of the "007" compared to the starry 2015 double 11 brand event planning, did the same, Redubujian frequent explosion point.

October 26th, because of the misuse of the artist, the Korean homes have clothes Tmall flagship store home unusual. In the face of millions of users of the onlookers, the starry occasion to marketing, detonated early established double 11 plan, "live, the new" instantly become a network of hot words. The industry concerned about double 11 of the starry "game" of the inventory: first is an occasion which leads to the topic, and then carrying nine star starry star spokesperson, and joint spokesperson star shareholders consisting of appearances, and the stars of the fans. After the interaction with the nine red network, manufacturing serial explosion".

at the same time, Han Yi homes quietly opened the Internet brand support program, the selection of 20 small and medium electricity supplier in the double the same day in the Han clothing homes flagship store exposed, but also to the industry shock. As the leading provider of electricity providers are Korean homes, their social responsibility to play the public point of praise.


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