2017 how to open the export Nine overseas B2B platform you need to know

[Reuters] billion state power to export electricity supplier, to find a suitable platform and channels is the key. In addition to the usual Amazon, eBay, fast selling export platform, such as the new electricity supplier platform for the export of the seller is also a great gospel.

but because of the number of Chinese vendors to understand the overseas business platform to be understood, aimed at the market and platform, can help the seller to seize the export opportunities. The day before, billion state power network statistics overseas nine B2B business platform, they have their own strengths, hopes to help find new sales channels Chinese export seller.

1, the world’s leading platform Tradekey

Tradekey was founded in 2006 with a registered capital of $20 million. Headquartered in Saudi Arabia, with operations center in Pakistan, with offices in Chinese, has more than 500 employees from 220 countries and 8 million of the world’s registered members at present, this platform has become one of the world’s leading foreign trade B2B website.

platform overall page views up to 1 billion 250 million, from the United States, the total amount of page browsing was 340 million, the total amount of English page browsing was 70 million 500 thousand, the number of Tradekey design industry in the world reached up to 36 thousand.

buyers distribution map:

the United States accounted for 32%, the number of about 480 million; China accounted for 22%, the number of approximately 320 million; Russia accounted for 17%, the number of about 250 million people; 16% in Europe, 240 million people in Africa; 2%, Australia 2%, 35 million passengers 33 million passengers.


(Tradekey buyers distribution map)

The distribution of

platform popular industry: clothing accounted for 12%; 8% & electronic appliances; beauty; personal care accounted for 7%; business services, food, industrial equipment and crafts gifts & accounted for 5%; agriculture, building materials, chemical industry, textile & leather accounted for 4%, accounting for 37% of the other.

2, Brazil’s leading B2B platform B2Brazil

B2Brazil platform is located in Brazil, Brazil, is the online B2B platform, the entrance of Brazil trade. The platform and the various companies, associations and government agencies to establish a strategic partnership with the bilingual (English and Portuguese) building, Brazil is the only Google trust and cooperation between the B2B international trade platform, committed to promoting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Brazil, to promote international enterprises to expand business in Brazil.


The advantages of

B2Brazil: experienced management experience, leadership of the B2B online platform, based on the Brazil market, the rapid growth of business and flexible solutions.


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