Mai Mai Jiang Qitao Based on the user experience and service efficiency of the new used car S2R mode

according to the Traffic Management Bureau, Ministry of Public Security Association of the automotive industry, automobile circulation association and data statistics, the current Chinese car ownership has exceeded 190 million units, will be over 200 million vehicles; 2016 new car sales have more than 28 million 28 thousand cars, up 13.7%, the new car market growth steady; 2016 two hand car trading volume of nearly 10 million, more than last year. More than 10%. Many data show that China’s second-hand car golden period has arrived. Prior to this, although there are many industry experts predict that the second-hand car will be achieved in 2016 to focus on the outbreak, but the embarrassment is that in 2016, under favorable policies, the premise of market prosperity, but did not achieve the majority of people’s expectations. That is to say, the second-hand car trading still exists or fatal factor to the rapid development of second-hand car clamp.


for a long time, the second-hand car industry because of the "vehicle condition", "a car price transactions opaque, lack of integrity of criticism, resistance to domestic second-hand car market in a long period of" lemon market ". Although the spring breeze blowing to the array of Internet second-hand car industry, but also to the traditional trading mode was inefficient to bring some new ideas and methods, but a few years of ground services and user experience are still stuck in the enterprise concept stage, and did not realize the essence of the breakthrough, unsatisfactory. When the new technology of big data and artificial intelligence have been touted, cool capital market enthusiasm, the Internet for the transformation and efficiency of second-hand car industry and did not imagine that "turn the world upside down". Spring rain will moisten things silently, now it seems that the change in the industry with the technical ability, but also the ideological transformation of entrepreneurs, the opportunity for second-hand car start-ups may be in this moment.

billion European automotive recent exclusive interview with Michael the car co-founder Jiang Qitao, as a senior Internet industry practitioners, second-hand car industry veteran practitioners, in his view, founder Michael car’s mission is to "let the car more transparent".

Jiang Qitao and friends co founded in January 2015 e ("friend Michael car" predecessor) want, efficient operation by means of the Internet and the pursuit of the user experience, the second-hand car trading look up a. Before he founded the company, for the second-hand car industry, and did not like the traditional car dealer or some other platform work in this industry as the founder, for many years, and accumulated experience in the operation of industry said even "zero base".

in a dialogue with Jiang Qitao, he felt cut in the used car industry to start "flow". From the Internet industry turned to second-hand car business, the industry’s great touches on Jiang Qitao. He believes that the Internet subversive innovative thinking, exactly what is needed for the traditional car industry. The reason why the industry did not break, in addition to the environment, human factors are also important.

following is a dialogue with the European Union billion Jiang Qitao record:

million euro: the creation of Mai Mai car (previously known as a friend e car), in January 1st changed its name to >

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