How to take out the delivery system to effectively shorten the delivery time

takeaway after the rise of the convenience of people’s daily dining. At the same time, delivery time is too long, especially in the winter rain and snow weather, ordering and delivery staff room number soared, slowed down, consumers from the hungry when not hungry, greatly reduce the user experience. How to solve the problem of taking delivery time is too long, has become a hot issue of social concern.

Some people say that

takeaway delivery time is too long is a root pressure can not solve the problem of controllable factors, not controllable too much, for example, the number of delivery staff weather, traffic and accidents, and the business cooperation etc.. Is there any way to effectively solve these problems, in order to achieve the purpose of shortening the delivery time



developed by Chengdu Information Technology Co. Ltd., Zero run short distance logistics management system, including team management end, Knight distribution member end and the business side, between each port operation closely, effectively ensure the safety of takeout orders quickly reach the hands of consumers, for selling food customers to bring the best customer experience.


runner how to take delivery delivery system effectively shorten the delivery time?

1 business according to the shop location and delivery distance directional selection for delivery staff to send a single run, who recorded a single merchant or merchant terminal, receive third party interface orders, orders need to be assigned to a delivery staff, the system will be in accordance with the delivery of business and the distance in time, according to the business select the display near the departure delivery staff, intelligent billing;

2 in the short run. The logistics distribution system, in addition to the free delivery staff in distribution to grab a single group, but also receives the designated team administrator or business, but in the ordering period, each delivery staff often received multiple orders at a time. Run the distribution of the end of the staff, the humanized design for the distribution of the [refused] button, the distribution staff received orders, if you can not be distributed, you can refuse to receive orders, businesses can re order. This not only ensures the delivery staff’s rights and interests, as far as possible to avoid them in the delivery room caused by rush peak traffic accidents, and make more safe and fast to take away.


3 who run short of logistics distribution system for all small errands distribution business within the scope of the contract, the team is the efficient integration of resources. Run the system will be based on Intelligent maps, divided into lines, according to the location of time, reasonable control components. When each distributor receives the required delivery order, the system will automatically assign the most reasonable route to the distributor.

are short run logistics distribution management system focused on improving the distribution efficiency and solve business takeaway delivery problems, help entrepreneurs efficient management team. Run fast for the distribution industry to provide excellent distribution management program of service concept, in the continuous optimization of existing functions on the basis of force

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