SF and Ctrip cross-border O2O plot, is such fun


] April 29th news billion state power network, billion state power network that SF sea Amoy, Ctrip, Taiwan telecom operators "Taiwan star" and 14 Taiwan local businesses quadripartite cooperation in cross-border O2O project has launched today.

shopping process

of the cross-border concrete realization of O2O form is: Taiwan businesses will store some goods uploaded to the SF sea Amoy new on-line "authentic" channel, when the mainland tourists in these businesses in store experience goods, you can order in SF sea Amoy and WeChat official website, SF is responsible for the goods back to the mainland. Ctrip is responsible for the accuracy of the promotion of the duties, will be carried out in Ctrip to buy the ticket to Taiwan users recommend this event. Taiwan star will provide users with a 5 day unlimited flow SIM card to facilitate their online shopping in Taiwan.

According to

billion state power network to understand, in cooperation with the SF Taiwan sea Amoy businesses, sugar jade village, Yu Xin, Jane Zhennan 14 old, the number of stores more than 100 products, including Taiwan pineapple cakes, tea, nougat, Sabl, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, mask, cultural and creative goods etc.. The next SF sea Amoy Taiwan cooperation on the expansion of businesses, stores and the number of goods at the same time, will also take a quick business expanded to Hongkong, Japan, South Korea and other Asia’s most popular tourist attractions.

SF sea Amoy express a complete shopping scene to billion state power network: if you buy a ticket to Taiwan on Ctrip, so before you start, you will receive a text message sent to Ctrip, content is the introduction of this activity and yhlb SF scouring the sea; the next and when you arrive at Taiwan airport, in a specific area of the airport, can receive the gift of the star of Taiwan SIM card, Taiwan map, etc. Finally, with the help of LBS Raiders; the guide, when you browse to the merchandise in SF sea Amoy ground joint stores, you can use mobile phone orders in SF scouring the sea. And the use of coupons; a week later, the commodity is distribution to your home address.

SF sea Amoy business Ren Xiaoyu responsible for the vice president said that this is essentially an overseas mobile terminal scan code and the combination of cross-border order and delivery of O2O services, it has the following advantages: first, mainland tourists sightseeing, can view the latest mobile phone Chinese product details introduction; second, after not shopping in Taiwan hard to pick up back to the mainland; third, after returning to China, also can by SF sea Amoy mobile terminal and Ctrip accompanying purchase channels, long-term focus and sustained consumption overseas merchants released the latest commodity.

It is reported that

, SF scouring the sea (www.sfht.com) is SF EXPRESS officially released in January this year, the new site is different from the preferred SF and Tmall international, SF sea Amoy is a focus on cross-border imports of B2C direct electricity supplier, the main push of maternal and child care, daily necessities, cosmetics, food and other categories, stressed that all genuine direct mining the core team members, background includes the former employees of the Alibaba.

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