Small Adsense on how to use hot word domain name

with hot words Pinyin as their website domain name. This approach has been controversial, most people tend not to use, because in the network era, hot words to go faster, the risk is relatively large.

With the beginning of the 2012 Jeremy Lin

broke out in New York Nicks team, the domain name to someone broke out two hundred thousand. Hot word domain is concerned about unprecedented heights, this trend has continued until the 2012 Olympic games. The past are after winning the domain name was registered, and the London Olympic game after a few days ago, almost all possible winning athletes of the domain name has been registered in succession.

but after the hot word registration we used to do, how to make use of him, how to invest into income? This is a lot of people after the rise of the popular domain name registered the biggest confusion.

London after the Olympic Games, I just interested in the construction site, bought the site of the book, there is a chapter on the domain name, so I have an interest in the domain name. The ceiling of 1000 yuan registered a three spell domain name, which is the Olympic champion’s name or nickname.

calm down to see, then as a treasure of the same domain name, the last point of value. A person does not have so much energy to build so many sites, in particular, I am a small white, build a strenuous. Then I reselling these four flow domain estimates that no one to buy.

there are two domain names is OK, Internet hot words, so I get the two domain name to the record, actually all failed. One is jinsanpang, there are 200 thousand related web pages, but because it is a head of state in the China nickname, so not to pass; another is tudianwang, there are thousands of related web pages, and it sounds like a yellow web site, so it did not pass.

when I was downhearted, suddenly think of classmates in primary school, a beautiful female classmate is doing the Internet, so I called to ask her.

she knows, let me give her all the registered domain names. Two days later, she asked me for an interview. She gave me the solution is to use the sunmengmeng domain name. First, the domain name is a hot word, Sun Mengmeng is the Olympic champion Sun Yang. Baidu about the results of the 920 thousand. Secondly, the word can be extended to create a concept, so that the domain name can attract a group to come over, the site has sticky, even if the word slowly after the cold, you can still ensure the flow of the site. The most important thing is that the heat of the word spelling of the domain name, after the station will be the fastest speed included Baidu!

and she showed me her PPT in her notebook. A total of twelve page plan: Digg, the Internet geeks, where the customer, then we will dig a named concept of "Adorable guest", give him a good definition, and extended……

these are things that have never been in the book, but in her eyes it’s easy

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