Amoy brand of the terminal as much as want to open up the O2O exhaust all the skills to strengthen

[introduction] the Amoy brand in the network has a good sales and reputation, but the lack of terminal line so that they always touch line temperature, unable to direct dialogue with consumers. Thus a large number of the Amoy brand began to try the next line store. In the first tier cities, Amoy brand premium is not large, so have pegged the two or three line city market.


"you try right here, scan the two-dimensional code to our official website to buy, you can also reduce 40 yuan." In the creative exhibition center of Foshan Creative Park, the staff of the "non color" shoes to experience the introduction of customers.

as a line under the traditional brand, has more than and 300 stores "color" has been familiar with consumer communication, but for many online brands, this is a "made in Foshan online shopping world – wide goods shopping Carnival festival in Foshan for the first time he is the carnival and offline consumers close contact".

in September 19th 21, three days, Ousuo,, SKG, AMII, and other small addict people more than and 60 domestic and local line "Amoy brand" for the first time gathering line, O2O water line experience, the Foshan consumers really tangible these usually can only be seen in Tmall, Jingdong, etc. The electronic business platform brand.

for Amoy brand, want to participate in the activities of the touch line under the sales of the temperature, so as to get more offline experience is a lot of brands to participate in the activities of the original intention. A strong desire for many brands also does not hide the impact of the line, but the city store rents, become a major stumbling block to the Amoy brand "to the line laid down.

and Foshan Creative Industrial Park proposed zero rent mode was recognized by many brands that day, many brands have said that considering the presence of the park. It is reported that the park will take "rent free into the form of the introduction of Tmall and Taobao each category ranking brand to open the store in the park, the use of" free "and" no "logistics" no flow "with" advertisement "format" collection of marketing "and other characteristics, do the next line store is cheaper than the advantage line.

of the Amoy brand for rent landing hard line store experience preferred two or three line city

in the southern accent gathered crowd, Amoy brand IITA Zhang Yang, the head of the Beijing accent is particularly prominent. Zhang Yang introduction, IITA is a lingerie to do Amoy brand, the company is located in Beijing, last year’s sales reached 40 million. In the information received from the Foshan carnival, he came specially from Beijing, "rather than selling products at the event, the event is more important for us is to us directly with consumers face to face". Because for a "Amoy brand", to be laid under the cable shop in Beijing, the expensive rent is a lot of Amoy brand is difficult to match.

"if conditions permit we will try >

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