Online shopping entrance battle

what website will become your first stop shopping? in the era of domination, you only need to login Taobao search you want the baby can; and now with the development of all kinds of shopping sites, you may go to buy cosmetics Sasa network, NO5 Fashion Square, red child to buy milk and diapers for the children to buy. In the book of excellence and Dangdang, buy digital products will go to the mall Jingdong. In addition to switching between sites, you now have a new option to use a shopping search engine. In January this year, the NetEase’s search engine has launched the first shopping search, through the collection of the B2C website of commodity information, so that you can carry on multiple shopping sites are on a web site on the comparison and selection, then Google in June 10th also launched a low-key shopping search, the search range is extended to C2C field. Yes, Taobao products have also been included on.

cut B2C

Youdao and Google at this time layout shopping search, with the rapid rise of B2C business in recent years. After the fake encounter, credit fraud and many other problems on people in the flea market type C2C platform, turning to look for a more secure B2C site, the B2C by setting up their own purchase channels, logistics and settlement system, can provide a better guarantee the quality of customer service and pre-sales service for users.

analysts believe that the future of e-commerce development in B2C, rather than C2C." In the United States, B2C’s share of shopping is far more than C2C, Amazon alone will occupy the top 1/3 of the total e-commerce transactions. In the first quarter of this year reported C2C originator eBay revenue was only $2 billion, less than half of the Amazon, net profit fell 22% over last year, the number of visits from 80 million 100 thousand last year dropped to 70 million; the number of access to the Amazon last year from 50 million people to 60 million people, the first quarter of this year net profit over the same period last year increased by 24%.

in China, although the current market size of B2C and only 1/10 of C2C, but with a rapid growth of 70% per year. Baidu CEO Robin Li believes that after 3~5 years, the infrastructure of the Internet will change to a small street shop, to Suning and Gome such large stores, will use the Internet channel is very mature and convenient. Ari’s latest research report predicts that in 2012 B2C total online shopping transactions accounted for more than 1/3.

and C2C in the field of Taobao a monopoly on the market share of 86% different situations, B2C emerging markets to be much more dispersed. The professional characteristics of B2C but also to the breakdown of the industry, in addition to excellence, Dangdang, red child so large and complete online shopping mall, you will see the B2C website, Vancle, vertical diamond bird flowers and many more. In this way, on the one hand, the user needs to have a convenient price comparison tool to help make shopping decisions to avoid

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