Bureau of science and technology is still mobile portal solution poly popular business model

this is a trend that can not be missed, mobile portal will create a new wave of economic." The well-known mobile e-commerce solutions and services provider in Zhejiang poly is Technology Co. company insiders in an interview with the media on the mobile portal business model made no secret of their confidence.

in Chinese and even the global economic situation has launched a winter mode, the mobile Internet is 10493 as in the past, entered a period of rapid growth. Over the past few years, the collection of map positioning, mobile payment, mobile social networking, etc. ushered in the rapid development of the spring. The mobile Internet after Mobile Games, mobile phone browser, mobile social networking, mobile terminal and other popular market snatch, and began to mobile portal landing layout.

mobile portal is the government, enterprises or individuals in the mobile phone terminal to build industry information, product display, service life for the content of the information exchange platform, it directly facing the Chinese 1 billion 100 million mobile phone users, intelligent interactive information channel on the mobile internet. Although the development of mobile e-commerce business on the mobile portal has not yet reached the stage of universal use, but the influx of many of the capital, has been to see the unlimited potential of mobile portals.

traditional SMEs dilemma

in 2012, many of the traditional small and medium enterprises in the economic morass, closures, shutdown, run away tide tide…… The financing channel is narrow, the living space force multiple problem Ze, crisis management model is presented, the domestic small and medium enterprises are facing a crisis of survival There was no parallel in history. How to break through the difficulties, regain new life, in the era of the successful transformation of the wave, the majority of SMEs face common problems.

state information center research and Development Department of strategic planning director Gao Huiqing said at the forum, "the crisis of domestic economy met once every hundred years, the industrial structure must be updated." In 2013, the traditional small and medium-sized enterprises ushered in a critical moment of counter attack. At the moment, whether it is a retailer or a large brand sales companies are experiencing a tide of business mobility, to provide consumers with mobile information technology, including social elements, in order not to be abandoned by consumers.

mobile portal boost economic transformation

mobile information is the application extension of enterprise informatization. Now, people’s time and energy are gradually transferred to the mobile device. For traditional businesses, there is a corresponding entrance on the mobile device, build their own mobile e-commerce platform imminent. As one of the most convenient channels of mobile e-commerce, mobile portal is favored by the capital.

traditional electricity supplier competition is relatively large, the threshold of venture capital is relatively high, with the super potential of the mobile portal as a business breakthrough, is undoubtedly the best choice. Zhejiang poly Technology Co., Ltd. in the mobile portal to create and operate rich experience. The company in the development of the company for many years to help many traditional small and medium enterprises to create a series of urban living platform, industry information portal, mobile power >

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