Beat the traditional retail industry is the trend of the need, rather than double 11 Carnival

2012 e-commerce double war has come to an end, through the following data we will be able to understand, to defeat the traditional retail industry is the trend of the need, rather than the double 11 Carnival of the eleven.

, a traditional retail freeze

due to the economic crisis has not yet dispersed, the overall economic downturn in the pattern, the traditional retail line is also true. From the data we can also see signs: Gome listed after the first loss, the first half of the net 500 million; Li Ning Co closed 1200 stores during the first half of the year; Parkson retail group single store sales rose less than the same period of 2011 1/4; in September 2011, the Pacific department store not to rent, Beijing Sanlitun gold’s store officially closed…… They were once popular retail giant, now a receded, there are two reasons: high rent and the impact of e-commerce.

Ma Yun said in an interview: "Tmall shopping Carnival will be a signal China economic transformation, also is the new economy, the new war marketing mode of the traditional marketing mode of the war, let all manufacturing traders know that today the situation has changed. For traditional industries, the war may have begun." From here we can initially believe that: Subversion of the traditional retail trend, rather than double eleven.

two, traditional retail and e-commerce

on the traditional retail and e-commerce, we can also be from the data to speak: iResearch data show that the third quarter of 2012 of China’s electricity supplier market transactions was 1 trillion and 990 billion, an increase of 21.9%; while China’s third quarter GDP total 12 trillion and 600 billion, electricity suppliers accounted for 15.7% of the share. 2012 double eleven, Tmall and Taobao Alipay total turnover of 19 billion 100 million yuan, more than 52 times more than billion last year; and 20 thousand and 120 months of China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods is $18934, the average daily data is 61 billion 100 million, which shows the double eleven day accounted for 31.2% of total retail sales of


three, the traditional retail e-commerce

we look into the traditional e-commerce retail giants action: WAL-MART officially shares 1 shop, shop No. 1 to buy a small stake in Gome online mall; and Alipay reached a strategic partnership, to enter the electricity business, in addition to spend tens of millions of acquired Kuba; Suning established online retail platform of, also try to and together; Carrefour opened online shopping mall, Beijing Guozhan and Shanghai Gubei have launched online mall business; WAL-MART Shenzhen Sam member shops also began online business…… China Franchise Association released 2012 "traditional retailers report" retail network data show that traditional retail hundred in 2009 and before the creation of the network of retail business 14, 2010 31, 2011 52, 2012 reached 59.

although many traditional retail brush

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