Taobao training summary to come out and share with you

selling things on the Internet: service logistics?… )? Marketing? Personality? – must find their own personality and characteristics, as long as there is a character and personality is his will to sell the

a, what kind of goods to sell to what value?

What does


1, Taobao mall website and the display of goods and merchandise categories if the line is clear, will attract more buyers to buy and sell women’s clothing, men’s clothing, shoes, joint selling underwear, bag, let buyers one-stop shopping in the mall, had asked if the buyers with men’s good! Just as shopping malls or is the supermarket, but avoid line chaos, feel what are selling, but what are selling professional.

2, the need to build the star product, make a hot commodity, logistics need to come in handy here: regular sorting out which sell well! Let her sell better! Sell more hot! What did not sell well, might as well as promotional merchandise or other expensive goods as gifts to give customers more value-added service.

Who did

sell to


1, B, C class website commodity buyers, Taobao mall commodity C buyers, including B class shop agent buyers as a single transaction number, and our small profit space, service cost, increase manpower and material resources, the profit is one of the few. Can not give up the focus of resources in the C class buyers and entities B class buyers.

2, so that the target buyers more convenient to find you, in addition to the keywords / word, product category, had more to try to buy coupons, envelopes such activities to encourage more buyers of you.

let buyers see what value?

1, goods have a certain price advantage, in the shop decoration or promotional merchandise, goods need to fully display the characteristics of good collocation and stressed that the website / Taobao Mall (features), example: the decoration shop signs must let customers see you in 10 seconds, what are you selling? Whether professional, skills: to meet the needs of customers on the visual enjoyment, can add their own achievement or honor in the sign, as is the first ******

2, the number of buyers to see your evaluation (will be a good evaluation as buyers can see the value)

two, promotion

customer price: each buyer orders transaction volume

back rate: buyers turn back to buy

conversion rate: from browsing to successful trading

above three is the site / mall is the success of the three elements.

how to stimulate the purchase – stimulate more to buy – stimulate the purchase of stimulus to buy:

A, special events: to reflect the urgency of the activities of the time, show the magnitude of special merchandise (too small amplitude is not).

B, spike: a huge price gap (such as 100>)

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