Only boots landing electricity providers more tax bureau interviews business enterprise

April, Beijing, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Shenzhen and other major coastal provinces have interviewed the tax department, within the jurisdiction of the business enterprise. Among them, the Guangxi municipal government to carry out the IRS is a special tax inspection, e-commerce as the industry has never been included in the previous inspection for the first time appeared in the.

at the same time, Shanghai, Minhang District Local Taxation Bureau also registered on the electricity supplier companies issued a notice of tax self-examination. The name "interviews with Local Taxation Bureau is the tax risk management and tax assessment." Relevant tax sources said.


, a well-known commentator Ye Tan pointed out that the electricity supplier taxation is represent the general trend. Now there is only one problem, boots when landing.

tax electricity supplier has poised to strike

in mid January this year, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office of the public release of the People’s Republic of China tax collection and management law amendment bill (Draft), in a number of chapters on the increase in the content of online transactions tax. According to the "draft", "the taxpayer signed a contract agreement, the payment of social insurance premiums, real estate registration and the handling of other tax related matters, shall use taxpayer identification number." That is, tax is not only a big business, you can also cover the natural person, which means that the store owner will also be in accordance with the management of natural taxpayers.

is reported that China’s first e-commerce law is expected to come out in the second half, the electricity supplier enterprises gradually in the North China, East China and other regions to implement electronic invoices, tax identification number system will be introduced.


class stores the most affected by the electricity supplier C

electricity providers generally have B2B, B2C and C2C three models. The first two to the enterprise as the settlement unit, when incorporated in the enterprise, has completed the tax process, under the supervision of the tax department, can be issued to enterprises or individuals. At present, the main dispute is the C2C model.

as early as April 27th, according to the "Tmall owner being interviewed Bushui" news, Tmall is clear, Tmall settled merchants will sign the relevant agreement, the agreement clearly requires businesses to be offered to the user, the integrity of the tax invoice etc..

Ye Tan believes that the electricity supplier tax will not lead to a wave of escape.

industry: do not change the online and offline retail landscape

Guangdong circulation chamber of Commerce executive director Huang Wenjie believes that the electricity supplier taxation, can only say that will create a fair market environment, conducive to the healthy development of the domestic retail industry. But there will be no significant changes in the online and offline retail pattern." Huang Wenjie said: the advantages of the online addition to low prices, there are convenient, and the line is the advantage of shopping experience. Therefore, even if the electricity supplier to pay taxes, the line of the store is still in the service and experience, as well as O2O aspects continue to force, in order to remain invincible."

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