The business guild wars 618 Gome online record five big beat records of Jingdong

618 this year, the Jingdong is "clogging" first encounter, Tmall,, Gome online public electricity supplier and containment, the United States well-known investment consulting agency said in a report, the Jingdong’s sales by the existence of false, repurchase and transaction cycle of a single brush, fictitious transactions amounted to 35 billion yuan. Although the Jingdong announced the news, 15 million orders, orders grew over 100%, 4 million sets of mobile phone…… These figures look pretty good, but still can not stop the collapse of its share price. But more important is the Jingdong this year invested billions of advertising bombardment, advertising investment grew by five or six times, an increase of only 100% orders? Compared with the friends of Gome online orders increased by 486% over the same period last year, the report card didn’t seem to the Jingdong.

back to see the United States online, the 618 big promotion of low-priced goods accounted for 50.9% of total price, successfully attracted a large number of users to access, bring the mobile terminal turnover increased 680%, the proportion of the mobile terminal station 61%, the mobile terminal price up to 2700 yuan, more than five data in mainstream electricity providers are ranked B2C first, ahead of Jingdong. Gome online this year to become the biggest winner in the 618 Beijing East, its potential has also caused widespread concern in the industry.

online shopping home appliances preferred platform to do real

618 this year, the United States to create an online record is inseparable from its various aspects of careful preparation of the. In the big promotion efforts, the United States launched a line of home appliances to grab 50 percent off, selling home appliances 618 yuan to grab a limited cash coupon, 3 billion 200 million large payment, in addition to full minus one hundred thousand maximum reduction of two thousand coupons, and can enjoy the preferential superimposed "Gome Shenma", a key tool parity smart shopping so that users do not have to switch back and forth page can always buy the most affordable price, and 0 yuan purchase leading Internet financial innovative gameplay, the purchase of financial products can be free to take home appliances and digital products. There is a new business: 3D emerge in an endless stream, P2P financial investment and Gome Home decoration, hotel reservation, ticket Campbell overseas direct mining GOME cellar, 1 yuan to raise 0.5 carat diamond, and the Jingdong six themes lying full PK.

marketing, Gome online also in the Jingdong headquarters across the great in strength and impetus, Pangu played a huge advertising expensive to lose 300, WeChat "circle of friends" you haven’t changed, I changed the "echo Jingdong theme board Jingdong in the southern metropolis newspaper innuendo creative comic, but also with the" doomsday "," Jurassic world collapse "Hollywood blockbuster cooperation, to attract young people.

of course, rely on flicker is unreliable, we must have real strength. The domestic authoritative research consulting firm Analysys think tank released the "report" the development of Chinese electric appliance research in June 16th, and through the appliance category richness, brands cooperation ability, customer service, logistics service capabilities covering four core competitiveness index, carries on the contrast analysis to the current electricity supplier of home appliances three giant Gome online, Jingdong, The results show that, regardless of the price of goods, or in the category of household appliances

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