The Jingdong sell Meng to the strange mosaic reservation page cited hot

January 13th, Le lemon 3 officially opened the new machine appointment. Some netizens claimed that the computer from the ends of open Le lemon reservation page, the entire screen becomes blurred, and even make people think that their computer screen problem.


more friends broke the news, as early as a few days ago, had seen 3 creative advertising music lemon in the elevator, the main function of HD 1080P.


It is reported that

, the biggest selling point is that the music is 3 hundred Yuan Meng machine can only do 5 inch Full HD screen mobile phone. Jingdong’s mosaic spoof event, fit the core selling point of the product, conducted a marketing behavior, but also a perfect fit to let tomorrow clear can be the theme.

As a continuation of

Le K3 lemon, lemon 3 large memory music not only has 2GRAM+16GROM body, also has the price of rare metal body, and collocation the new Qualcomm snapdragon 616 processor eight. The aircraft, as always, support the Grammy award winning Waves sound, dual Speaker support large volume and dual Mic noise reduction, but also with a variety of sensors and additional features, can be said to be cost-effective.

Le Meng as Lenovo Mobile phone brand new, established only 1 years, the global sales exceeded 10 million units. Lenovo and Moto to become the future of the mobile phone business only exists in the two brands. The number of products in the Jingdong platform has been more than 93% rate of praise, praise more than 200 thousand articles, sought after by the majority of users. In the recent Le Meng 1 anniversary, the focus map Jingdong Le lemon package under the mobile phone China the vertical type of media, which highlights the deep connection between two brands.


During the period of

in the draft, but found in the WeChat shopping entrance, Jingdong, search for "Le lemon" page will drop a lot of lemon, also is very interesting.


believe in music quality control and lemon consistent with reasonable price and configuration, the machine should be harvested

good results!

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