The e car was traced on the verge of collapse car O2O door concept Nengcheng long

recently, e car on the verge of collapse of the news spread like wildfire in the industry, as a representative of the market after the O2O car, e car exit has officially kicked off the car O2O shuffle. E car washing company, the parent company of Beijing calculus Network Technology Co., Ltd., said in a statement, I Division due to business adjustment, home business has been suspended operations to the store service related businesses will continue to operate". This also means that the main business of e car wash has abandoned the online individual customers, began to transition to the line.

it is understood that the first half of 2015 after the car service in the O2O market, e car market size accounted for 21%, only accounting for 41.1% of the E-Drive, but the O2O company has announced the suspension of operation of the door business, and retain only the car to the shop business.

e car suspended home business is only a microcosm of O2O car status, in the view of the car worry free network founder Chen Wenkai, home wash did not change the nature of the car itself is not the owner of the pain points, not through long-term subsidies to form a user stickiness. If as a means of marketing can be understood, but as a long-term user traffic entrance and then upgrade to other car service, it is a bit wishful thinking." Chen Wenkai said.

in fact, the plight of e car wash is also a common problem faced by the automotive market after the start of O2O startups. Cloud had been washing, washing and other data have to stop the operation of the project, and the "8 car" also issued a notice that due to business restructuring from July 17th to stop home wash business, as a representative of on-site maintenance, Bo Pai car network have been profitable because of difficulty seeking transition to store the line.

although the car market after the O2O model for the door concept questioned, but does not mean that there is no profit opportunity. National Bureau of statistics data show that in 2014 China’s car ownership reached 140 million units, according to the annual maintenance costs of $800 per vehicle, car maintenance market size will exceed 110 billion yuan, a huge market space in the future.

concern is, by the Ministry of communications led the development of the "automobile maintenance technical information disclosure management measures", before the official announcement, will be implemented in January 1, 2016. This is the industry to break the monopoly in the field of vehicle maintenance, reconstruction of the car after the opportunity to market system.

however, the Beijing Daily reporter found that, although the "vehicle maintenance technical information disclosure management measures" provides opportunities for the development of the car market after the O2O model, but also on the maintenance qualification puts forward more strict requirements, it has also become the main reason O2O companies have turned into line operations. In this regard, the industry generally believe that after the crack of the automotive market O2O earnings difficulties, you need at the same time in the Internet, supply chain, service chain three aspects of integration, and the formation of competitive advantage.

Chen Wenkai said that in addition to the use of the Internet to build a business model of thinking, companies must have a strong supply chain support. "Raising a car without worrying about the network with more than two years before the establishment of the

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