Online business choose Taobao shop or independent website

as the title now has a lot of friends want to but to choose Taobao store or independent website to be very difficult to do business in the Internet, it can be said that the network shopping is an important branch in the form of e-commerce, but also our common user contact with most of the electronic commerce form, mention it friends may think,, pat Network, Baidu yes, the Jingdong store, Dangdang online shopping mall, and many excellent online shopping website, how to talk about the next person walking route Taobao e-commerce store or independent website.

. A comparison between the form of the Taobao store and the nature of the independent website

online shop is the main form of two, one with the help of the third party platform, such as Taobao, pat, ah, etc.. Two is the establishment of an independent website platform, without any platform. This may be said to have a lot of friends is still very vague, below to Taobao as an example to do a detailed comparison of the two forms.

Taobao shop, is a part of the Taobao site (or Taobao is equivalent to a mall, each Taobao owner is a booth).

independent website, is a web site, not the site of the plate (or equivalent to the streets of the shop to buy the shop, to the customer feel more professional and more formal).

two. Shop flow customer source

friends now have a lot of misconception that a lot of people every day to go to Taobao, Taobao shop on the business is good because people. In fact, this conclusion is one-sided, it is only to see the surface phenomenon, Taobao stores and independent sites have their pros and cons.

1 Taobao daily traffic diversion, assuming Taobao the mall one day to 1 million people, see below for the analysis of how their friends can think about a new situation.

1) ranked the high reputation of the shop to go about 40% of the traffic.

2) low price shops around 15% of the traffic flow.

3) some other stores in the repeat customers, accounting for about 10% of the traffic

4) 15% may be a wandering customer, with no real deal.

5) the last 20% is the Taobao shop owner to see their own store traffic.

2 independent website traffic

as we said above, an independent web site in the shop, only one person in the sales of the products, every day many people how much traffic is their own, even if the site every day to 50 people, but also to your store. And such website profits are good, like Jingdong, Dangdang, red the children are independent, VANCL forms of website. Of course, his disadvantage is the need to promote their own.

three. Propaganda on the shop

to do what business, to be publicized, only after the publicity will have customers. Taobao shop is also to do publicity, but also to spend money to do rankings on Taobao, the other is based on the Baidu

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