Russian customs and excise duty to mention the purchase of a package of online shopping is not let g

October 19th news, the latest learned billion state power network, according to Russian media "news" reported that the day before, the Russian Customs duty-free imported goods put forward to reduce the online shopping, online shopping import tax on stage international parcel recommendations to the Russian Ministry of economic development.


According to

billion state power network to understand, in accordance with existing laws and regulations, Russian Federation customs for imported package within a month, the purchase value of not more than 1000 euros, weight not exceeding 21kg exempt goods. The General Administration of customs, the Russian proposal is a duty-free imports from 1000 euros to 22 euros per month, and also put forward in the future to completely cancel "their own goods" this statement, referring to the entry parcels tariff goods VAT and determined by the customs of the encoding.

, however, this proposal is still controversial, has not yet been approved by the Russian Ministry of economic development.

billion state power network to understand, in fact, the Russian customs import tax package proposal to residents of online shopping and improve the imported goods duty-free this move is not a new thing. In early October 2013, the Russian TASS reported that Moscow customs officials Alexander Du Rolf said publicly that the customs tariff plan to send parcels to Russia to impose a 10% tax on foreign shop, the object is the buyer, or Russian consumers.

"Avtoradio" in December 2013, the Russian media have also reported that the Russian presidential aide Andre · Biello Usov made it clear that, because of no taxes on imported package makes the Russian government lose a lot of potential tax, the future of Russian citizens abroad to shop shopping or required to pay taxes. But he also pointed out that compared with the traditional trade rules, cross-border online shopping package tax conditions will not be too severe.

in this regard, insiders pointed out that once the Russian customs to make adjustments to online shopping imported goods, the first to bear the brunt of China’s large number of cross-border electricity supplier to russia. According to the Russian electricity supplier business association had a public information, in 2015 the total cross-border electricity supplier market in Russia was 220 billion rubles, of which China’s most popular electricity supplier platform russians. For example, the world’s fastest selling Alibaba (Aliexpress) to become Russia’s most popular online shopping platform in 2015, the number of visitors per month about 23 million 800 thousand people.

data show that last year, about 90% of Russia’s cross-border online shopping parcels from China, the transaction amount accounted for about 49% of all foreign online retailers. In addition, 23% of the Russian electricity supplier shopping platform in Europe, the total volume of goods accounted for about 4% of the total package, as well as the Russians in the United States in the electricity supplier platform shopping, goods accounted for about 2% of the total package of goods in the total amount of the total amount of goods in the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United states.

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