The three hurdle in front of B2B e-commerce website

              Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center recently released "2010 annual China industry e-commerce website survey report" shows that the enterprise service industry of electronic commerce in China reached 9200, an increase of 21.3%.

the number of e-commerce websites in China has experienced a period of rapid expansion in recent years, showing a downward trend in the growth rate in recent years.

report that on the one hand, because the majority of e-commerce industry enterprises are still unable to break through the bottleneck of revenue, it is difficult to become bigger and stronger, when the cost increases abruptly nationwide B2B market expansion, leading to their difficulties and even serious losses, the size of the profit; on the other hand, the traditional e-commerce leading enterprises, such as Alibaba [12.86 0.31%], business treasure [15.12 -2.26% shares] in IPO after the rapid and stable development, to a certain extent to further squeeze the living space of small industry website. The above internal and external pressure, resulting in the industry will usher in the site reshuffle".

in fact, placed in front of the three bridge industry website.

is the first decentralized resources, a single profit model.

"now, engaged in small and medium sized enterprise B2B industry website the most realistic demand is to market sales, product promotion, and from what to do better, there is a need for a guide of the company put them together," Saif partners Yangdong investment fund told reporters, "industry website the operation of the difference is relatively large, do industry website is good, like chemical, steel and textile etc. relatively mature, but also a lack of awareness of network publicity industry. China has 30 million to 4000 SMEs, there is no one for these enterprises to sub sectors of service, is a big problem."

several years ago, Zhang Tongming discovered the problem: for the small and medium enterprises, although they have been aware of the value of the industry Web site, but they generally do not understand IT technology and knowledge of the Internet, the face of numerous industry websites, it is difficult for them to identify strengths and weaknesses. Coupled with the small and medium enterprises to promote their own cost is limited, it is difficult to determine the cost of promotion should be put in an industry website. So he assembled a Chinese auto line network, the machine network, China network, Chinese building materials building materials online and many other well-known industry website, set up China B2B alliance, is the hope that through the integration of high-quality human resources industry website, get through the barrier field of the information industry, conform to the trend of the development of e-commerce professional.

in the league, using split mechanism, open search, information publishing platform between these sites, to establish a direct link between the vertical website and customers, so that the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises through the application of service alliance, more convenient and efficient to enhance its in the industrial chain wide exposure. But this gezonglianheng is also to a certain extent to solve the industry website surface >

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