WeChat can not do electricity supplier or for three reasons


/ TMT Jin Xiao

, a blue whale

said the technology now, basically is three words from BAT, the three giants have abundant resources, up abundant funds, every corner, tentacles but, even so, there are some areas that BAT tears, such as social networks in Ali, such as the electricity supplier for Tencent.

said Tencent here, mainly refers to its WeChat in the field of electricity providers try. Tencent in only three years, the number of users of WeChat to reach 400 million, with WeChat wallet, it is over more than 100 million users open payment overnight in the WeChat platform, called the Internet miracle. However, WeChat in the electronic business platform behaved like fools, how can not help.

first look at WeChat’s performance in the field of electricity providers:

2011, Tencent on-line micro shopping, located in the O2O integrated shopping platform, but always lukewarm, the current basic merger by Jingdong;

2013, micro life on line, and released a micro life membership card X1 version, to provide users with closed loop user information management system. However, after the merger of Tencent and public comment by the latter merger;

in the same year, WeChat launched the micro mall, aimed at the development of the electricity supplier WeChat, the owner only regarded it as a good way to go, so far, micro mall has problems and untold success;

yesterday, Tencent once again force, for pocket shopping investment 145 million, trying to add a fire to WeChat, but this cooperation did not even cause too much attention.

in fact, before the line on WeChat, Tencent as early as 2005 on-line pat Network, try electricity supplier C2C mode, after two years on the line, the market share was up to 9%. However, pat Network not only did not develop, but to shrink down, to 2013, pat net market share of only 4.7%, and in the same year was acquired by partner Jingdong.

repeated efforts, WeChat in the electronic business platform is still difficult to make a convincing result, a huge traffic, but always do not come out to play, where is the problem? The baby has three aspects as follows:

first, the pattern of the electricity supplier industry basically formed, and then squeeze into the possibility is very small. Between the electricity supplier had appeared in 2012 over the price war, which is the electricity supplier in the field of pattern established beginning, since the development of the electricity supplier industry, basically Ali dominance, Jingdong after the situation, in 2012, WeChat is still in the initial stage, the electricity supplier platform does not have the competitive advantage, and missed the golden period, WeChat go it is very difficult to get involved in, which is why Tencent joint industry second Jingdong.

second, BAT gene theory of WeChat’s electricity supplier decided not to do Taobao. The development of the Internet so far, the strength of large companies more and more strong, once a field is a big company to grab the first, then go to subvert the latter, unless it is innovative, otherwise very difficult. That’s why Ali

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