Talking about how to carry on the electronic commerce

2010 China Internet particularly lively, one of the biggest bright spot is e-commerce. Traditional B2C companies are not satisfied with a single industry segments, have moved towards the era of department stores. Jingdong mall, red child, and so on these B2C positive competition platform website is more and more intense, product homogeneity is further strengthened, the price war intensified, was a great TV war battle. Moreover, these platforms CEO who have said the profit is not the goal, the goal is to win more customers. In contrast, some do focus on the brand of B2C seems that peibenzhuanyaohe mode is not too interested in the Eslite, wheat bags, LVSHOU is doing the best brand. One of the success of the wheat bag is reflected from a side of Taobao’s focus on the development of money never C2C to B2C. From the simple C2C hypermarkets to build Taobao mall, and then the vertical category mall Electrical City and the recent on-line shoe museum, none of which verified this trend. Taobao company to sell bags with the help of the mall suddenly became a typical Amoy brand, it seems that any industry as long as the Internet, with the help of e-commerce can burst out new vitality. In fact, whether it is a sunrise industry or traditional industries, and even the sunset industry, as long as e-commerce is doing well, we can meet the needs of a large part of online customers. Combined with the translation industry, I will talk about how to get more development with the help of the internet.

said translation, many people think that this thing can not see the invisible touch, it is difficult to achieve standardization, not suitable for network marketing. In fact, according to my many years of experience, the translation is very suitable for online. First of all, a lot of time do not need to translate logistics, customers only need you to send the specified mailbox. So even though I am in Qingdao, my clients in Chengdu are able to receive what they need by e-mail. You can also sign a contract with a foreign customer by fax and have the same legal effect. In this way, from the beginning of the translation to the final draft, the middle of a series of processes can be completed online. Secondly, the translation company is a typical "light company", do not need too much investment, cost control, and through the Internet, enterprises face 420 million of Chinese Internet users, who do not say it is a piece of cheese.

to do a good job in network marketing, I think we should pay attention to several aspects:

1 to solve the problem of trust in e-commerce. A few years ago, people often say that the payment is a major bottleneck in the development of electronic commerce, and now pay more and more convenient, online banking, Alipay has become known to every family. With the increasing awareness of the risk of Internet users, how to establish the trust of the company and the customer, has become a top priority. This issue is also facing when Ma founded Taobao, and now Taobao has been very successful, what is to solve the problem of trust is Alipay?. Alipay, Alipay’s first third party guarantee mechanism, greatly reduce the transaction risk. In Taobao to buy things are known, the customer photographed >

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