Do you really buy online

Taobao has created a myth in the double 11 day this year, achieved sales of 54 billion yuan, all of the data surface, now more and more users love online shopping, Taobao space will be more and more. However, the big woods what the birds will have, Taobao is also a lot of criticism of the world’s most fake platform, and a little attention, then you can fall into the consumer trap.

what are the pitfalls need to pay attention to it?

first, don’t be greedy. I just before the data cube to see the background there is a down jacket sales is very good, one day we sold tens of thousands of pieces, then that is made of Juhuasuan. But when you click on it, you don’t see it. The price of this down jacket is 10 yuan, so a lot of people crazy to buy. But although there are tens of thousands of sales data, but it is not an evaluation, can not help but suspect. I think this price is very problematic, so there is no single purchase. The fact that I was right, that there are a lot of people through this approach, taking the buyer’s information, once the information is people want to sell after the late, there will be a lot of insurance or sell the phone call, it is very disturbing. So remember not to be cheap.

second, Alipay is the most secure transfer. Some shops will show an account, requiring buyers to pay by way of transfer. The general case is fraud, through to guide you through the transfer, but did not get the corresponding commodity, even through Taobao finally left with nothing whatsoever, the burden of proof can not bring the money back.

third, keep chats Wangwang no.. Generally speaking, in the process of online shopping, may be due to the reasons for the novice, for some processes or sizes and other circumstances do not understand, so it will lead to some disputes in the process of online shopping. If Taobao in the case, must carry on the proof, therefore, want to chat to retain records are very important. Some businesses will guide buyers to communicate through QQ, usually best to pay attention to this situation, adhere to the selection of prosperous, so that we can get, win in the event of disputes.

fourth, how to assess whether there is a single brush suspects. Simply put is the authenticity of the content of the evaluation of how to analyze. Although Taobao in the last year before a double 11, a number of relatively crazy brush single shop closed shop punishment, but a single brush behavior is still very strong. The so-called foot step ahead, many shops brush single technology is also constantly improve. For example, before I see a sell cream shop, was registered in December last year, a single product monthly sales of more than 5000, and the store level less than three diamond, is simple to do even the drilling exhibition is not qualified. And in the natural search rankings actually also entered the top three. If the general consumer, certainly can not see what the problem. But judging from the number of views, less than 100, and the amount of browsing and collection is not proportional to sales. If it is true

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