E-commerce development planning

it is understood that the "planning" is to implement the "2006 ~ 2020 national informatization development strategy", "the general office of the State Council on accelerating the development of electronic commerce" several opinions of major initiatives, "planning" clearly put forward the overall goal of the development of electronic commerce in China 11th Five-Year "period: 2010, development environment, e-commerce support system, technical service and application of the coordinated development of the basic pattern of the formation, the e-commerce service industry has become an important emerging industry, national economic and social development level of e-commerce application in various fields is greatly improved and achieved remarkable results.

in order to achieve this goal, "planning" proposed six main tasks and six key projects.

in the task arrangement, highlighting the two development priorities and the four basic support". Two development priorities, first, the popularization of e-commerce applications, improve the efficiency and quality of the national economy; the two is to develop e-commerce services, the formation of a new growth point of national economic development. The four one is the foundation to support efforts to improve the environment, promote the coordinated development of e-commerce e-commerce; two is to encourage technological innovation, improve the ability of independent development; the three is to strengthen market supervision, standardize the e-commerce order; four is to increase publicity and education efforts to promote the popularization and application of electronic commerce.

in the project arrangement, stressed the importance of "11th Five-Year" during the government investment or government guidance of investment in key areas of e-commerce, puts forward the government procurement e-commerce e-commerce pilot project, public service engineering, international trade e-commerce projects, pilot project, mobile e-commerce logistics public information service project and support the construction of electronic commerce system six key project guide.

in addition, the NDRC website from the electronic commerce is a new type of economic activity and networking to develop e-commerce services, deepen the popularization of e-commerce applications, the government took the lead in the application of e-commerce, e-commerce support efforts to improve the environment, strengthen the six aspects of market regulation in electronic commerce analyze planning highlights.

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