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as a curse, in the area of successful department is difficult to tap in remote replication success, Seibu exit Shenzhen, Grandbuy off Chengdu shop has become the latest retail expansion crashed out of the case.

"is the industry most reason The climate does not suit one." give in when the defeat, but the more simple but not simple truth is often easily overlooked, department stores used in the successful model of copying existing places expansion, which in Chinese market, consumer habits, the local department stores different situations only to the end of the wall also shows that, for the department store industry, success only belongs to the ground, and to carry out off-site expansion, we must re-examine the local market, and take the "when in Rome" mode of operation, the use of local department store industry leader, more important is to occupy the local gold district position. The only way to be successful in half off-site expansion.

"dragon" hard pressed "vision" regional department store giant remote frequency crashed

Yue Yan

Wang these days a little tired, Seibu department store in Shenzhen after a few years are facing unemployment, "my age is not small, education is not high, will do a line of security work in the mall, Shenzhen is now the last department stores out of business, I have no other shopping malls can be adjusted in the future agent. Everything will start all over again." Wang told the "first financial daily".

"eleven" golden week on the eve of the famous Seibu department store in Shenzhen ended quietly, even the golden week of the Nuggets opportunities are abandoned. At the same time, Grandbuy department store in Chengdu also declared bankruptcy.

however, the industry of the two news is not surprising, because this is not the regional leading department stores in different places first encounter embarrassing withdrawal. Many in the local business good businessman, to open a shop in different places, all the difficulties that have to shut up shop or transfer to "stop", both "behind the surface, also have reason The climate does not suit one." and "vision" running out of pain.

expand lost

of the Department of enterprises, especially the listed companies, they need to scale, when a pattern in the successful operation of the local, if it can be replicated across the country and bring profits, not only can enhance the enterprise revenue, but also to shareholders and investors account. Because most of the Chinese department store cashier deduction associates centralized payment, so basically I put in the first department store pocket to account to be given after the various brands, so the interest free loan provided to expand the ‘ammunition to department stores. ‘do the national chain of department stores’, and even now are a lot of industry slogan." Zhou Yong, a professor at the Shanghai Business School who has studied the retail industry for many years.

years ago, contact the company as the main body now, a joint venture with Beijing city Xidan market Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing supermarket chain Limited by Share Ltd, to enter the northern market; in the city of Shanghai.

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