Fifast spoiler 618 entity and electricity supplier war finally came

less than a week, the 618 World War is about to open fire. Ali first put down the "double 11" body frame in turn has continued to force the occasion, the initiator of the Jingdong, and the Jingdong of old rival Gome online, Suning and other non-stop challenge, the 618 battlefield has been very busy this year, and a spoiler, flying where the business alliance with the 3000+ entity that held the city of a hundred thousand crazy year celebration "in the 6.17-6.19 store with Wanda background, to create a real Carnival 618. As a result, a whale (Fei Fan), tiger (Guo Mei), lion (Suning), cats, dogs, the 618 war is about to start.

618 melee major electricity supplier advantage analysis

is the same as in previous years a Jingdong for 618 different this year, Ali, who fly, Gome, Suning and other electronic business platform to join many. Sprint year sales is a major event in the retail industry, as long as the platform for a number of centralized phenomenon let reproduction consumption surge, 618 this year will produce a qualitative change. From the current point of view, the major electricity supplier in 618 melee have come up with their own means to attract users, in addition to the electricity supplier PK never missed the price war, the parties have different advantages, among which fifast, Jingdong, the most representative of ali.

scene advantage: where to fly; fly where the electricity supplier is the birth of a new electricity supplier with a golden key, positioning entity + Internet open platform. Where is the biggest advantage of the fly on the line entity understanding, not only has the Internet gene is also well versed in solid business logic and operation mode, the main thing is to help the real nature of the return, the scene service advantage to enhance the entity, the 618 main activities of the fly who is rich scene experience, online shopping center, more than 3 thousand department stores and supermarkets have launched promotional activities, with customized online and offline it is understood that the future will bring consumers who fly is a new "Smart Life", may integrate physical business, entertainment, tourism, health and delicacy, public service and other substantive resources in the future, to create the domestic has the most rich scene business platform. So, compared to other electricity suppliers can only sit in front of the computer to buy buy buy, fly where users can enjoy the online shopping can also enjoy the fun of shopping.

home advantage: Jingdong; electricity supplier war two times a year, the most famous is the most tragic undoubtedly Tmall double 11, followed by the 618. If the double 11 is Ali launched online shopping event, Jingdong anniversary and the rise of the 618 is the Jingdong’s home court. From 2010 to 2016 years of persistence, Jingdong with single handedly put this festival to do it, until the cause of Ali’s counterattack, and who fly thousands of articles under the line to join. Home advantage Jingdong as well as Tencent traffic support, since 2014 on the line so far, Jingdong, WeChat, hand Q shopping has attracted 806 million people to participate in the cumulative interaction. Occupy the home, the dual advantage of the flow of Jingdong will be one of the 618 major forces to promote the core.

linkage advantage: Ali; Ali has always been 618 to maintain high cold, do not want to

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