Domain hijacking Domain name loss

just colleagues say, Changchun Netcom website open, enter the URL into the interface of the website is English.

Changchun Netcom website:

North Netcom business developed, Changchun Netcom website, Jilin province is the quality of the information platform, undertake Netcom business promotion and service role, has been recognized and accepted by the public, and has very strong dependence. In the Internet, cannot do without Changchun 163.

went online to check the next whois: from the information display, the domain name registration date is March 31, 1999, the expiration date is on March 31, 2009, is the 10 consecutive year of registration. But when you look at the details, I’m disappointed:

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:

Pending or Deletion Renewal [email protected]

P.O. Box 430

Herndon, VA 20172-0447



Record expires on 31-Mar-2008.

Record created on 31-Mar-1999.

Database updated on 6-Apr-2008 22:52:01 last EDT.

information shows that the domain name ownership for the United states.

domain name is hijacked or custody of the careless, loss of foreign???

focus on domain name trends.

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