Courier company collective absence star rating are worried about low satisfaction

since August last year, the State Post Bureau, China Express Association have introduced policies, like the same as star hotels, courier companies to assess the level of quality of service pricing. However, a year later, almost all domestic courier companies are reluctant to participate in the selection. China Express association secretary general said yesterday that a new round of mobilization has been carried out, is expected to be born in the second half of next year star courier.

does not have a five star

whether to participate in express enterprise rating by the enterprise voluntary. Last August 30th, the State Post Bureau issued the "management measures of rating of express delivery enterprises (for Trial Implementation)", the implementation of the date of promulgation, grade of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the management of express business enterprise. China Express Association introduced the implementation details. But China Express Association vice president and Secretary General Dava told reporters yesterday in Shanghai, so far no business registration.

express company currently widespread concerns. "We can only estimate down, EMS, SF reach four star standard." Although the scale of China’s express delivery market has leapt to second in the world, but the courier company’s customer satisfaction is still low, it is difficult to increase the overall score.

"they also want to have stars." Dawa said, most companies worry that even declare, also not approved. Therefore, the adjustment of the Courier Association and star rating scheme, a new round of mobilization of the express company, to express company submitted in advance to do large-scale, innovative service plan, some courier companies take the initiative to contact the professional institutions, the complaint rate has dropped." Dawa said, the second half of next year will have actual results to evaluate the star courier company.

guide enterprises with high quality and good price

"our aim is to guide enterprises to service quality pricing, just like five star hotel, the price of five stars, three-star hotel three-star price of three." Dawa said the courier company price and service quality should contrast.

express enterprise rating by enterprise scale assessment and service evaluation of two parts. The scale evaluation mainly from the business volume, operating income, network coverage and self evaluation, divided into A type and B type, C type and D type four level, among them, A companies need business volume of more than 450 million years, the annual business income is 10 billion yuan, self network covering 25 more provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the.

service evaluation, from the public service efficiency, quality of personnel and the level of information management and other aspects, divided into five-star, four-star, Samsung, two four grades, which focus on the city five star enterprises between the shipment in full time 72 hours on time in 95%, millions express user complaints effectively in 10 following the entire time; key city four star enterprises between the 72 hour time at a rate above 90%, millions express user complaints effectively below 15. All of these enterprises must be full year, there is a unified national customer service number.

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