Alibaba to enter the online travel search where the emergency.

Alibaba ambitions in the tourism business sector is growing.

into the ticket booking, travel before the establishment of Taobao, Taobao and Alipay and will travel air travel air travel are collectively referred to as Alibaba, the Alibaba began to enter the field of online travel search, start hotel search comparison service, has invested ten million yuan to build user growth plan.

at present, a scouring with Ctrip, eLong, the same way, where to live, mango and other large online travel agents (OTA) reached a strategic cooperation, including more than 30 hotels and inns information search.

it is worth noting that, before this, between Ctrip, eLong, mango OTA price war constantly, and the most important online travel search where for TTS enabled (Total Solution, online trading system) mode once with elong, mango and other large OTA against each other, and briefly stop cooperation. According to insiders, regardless of the price war between OTA, or where to fight with OTA, the root cause is to snatch customer resources.

may be a response to the Amoy competition, where yesterday announced a subsidy of 100 million yuan to start a big promotion in the summer, also testifiedthat TTS mode according to the traffic charges more dominant. Where to go, said yesterday, done a lot of calculations show that the amount of money paid by the channel according to the OTA to pay less than commission fees, so where is the mode of competitive advantage.

Alibaba general manager of the group a scouring and search business division Zhang Qin told the "First Financial Daily", in a few years after the establishment of Amoy, Amoy has a collection of more than 1 billion commodity information, it has been carried out in the search business tourism planning resources platform plan.

"Amoy network travel search model is that we are a search platform parity, consumers can get information through our website, then link to Ctrip, eLong cooperate with us OTA to make a reservation, we only provide search." Zhang Qin said that the current Alibaba did not have too much profit on a Amoy target, so the current Amoy is the most concerned about the development of business.

it is worth noting that, in order to showmanship, Amoy plans to invest ten million yuan, the establishment of user growth plan. An annual profit this year will share through a Amoy hotel users, the system will be based on each user reservation amount to calculate the equity dividends, it is expected that the entire bonus plan will be completed in February next year.

as the main business in the field of online travel search, where to provide search parity, does not charge Commission, but through the calculation of click charges. But in the near future, the business bigger and bigger where began to change strategy, not only the charge price, also opened a new TTS mode, in this mode, the customer reservation as originally as links to the OTA, but directly to where the settlement, then from where to go with the OTA settlement. This makes a lot of OTA unhappy, >

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