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effect of this concept of small profits based on group purchase becomes a big upsurge. Whether it is a professional group buying site, or the traditional retail industry, have joined the industry to inject youthful vitality into its development. With this trend, slowly, group purchase consumption has become a habit of many people in the field of consumption, low price, convenient and other factors is an important reason why people sought group purchase, but in its hot group purchase wind, a series of problems exposed, some hidden traps, which especially online group purchase group purchase, become a how to deal with the risk of consumption, such as integrity, group purchase in various genuine goods at a fair price and other issues, to join the group purchase industry businesses to win the market, the key to win the future.

attaches importance to brand building, select the steady expansion of the base. At present, China’s pattern of growth into the group purchase group purchase group purchase network, especially the homogenization phenomenon is more prominent, many different businesses involved in the development of the group purchase, resulting in uneven, recognition of the users of the group purchase brand gradually reduced. Some serves as the core of the group purchase site into a large number of online shopping enthusiasm, expand the amount of cash to group purchase to the user, causing the user to group purchase consumer confidence greatly reduced, thus making it facing a crisis of credibility, it is with a brick at their feet. So many of our businesses in the face of online shopping spree, must be calm, rational operation, can not blindly follow the trend, so as to cause a series of unnecessary adverse effects. Nevertheless, want to think deliberately to perfectly solve a series of problems in the network group purchase, it is very difficult to achieve, because businesses and consumers, between the group purchase group purchase website understanding, harmony is unlikely, the interests of different points, our system of group purchase website is not perfect, the system is not to improve the defects, plus the market itself. So we can do everything possible to avoid disputes occurred in the course of the purchase, to minimize it, or close to no dispute. To solve these problems and need to focus on grasping the key, especially credit businesses, in their own money but also attach importance to the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers are not damaged, so do the brand construction, good products and good service, in the customer first purpose to work hard, I believe we will develop better and better. For example, B2C site Gao Hong mall, it has also joined the ranks of the group. It measures is to open a real group purchase, through its own products, logistics and customer service platform, to provide services and many other advantages, and unified and business responsibilities, so that their interests have greater security.

but also because of the kind of payment system is mature, comprehensive after-sales protection and other factors, there is little dispute, which is the way users welcome. In their own website as a platform, with the introduction of a series of supporting services to protect the rights and interests of users, reduce disputes, is undoubtedly a good way to win word of mouth, but also a major feature of word of mouth marketing. In this regard, the practice of the United States mission is the main word of mouth marketing, you can put the money into the bank VC to the city as a base for steady expansion and construction. For example, the United States this year to push the group

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