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sun is a small courier company salesman, responsible for the express delivery Zhenhai District street. Since entering in July, he found himself in the delivery of the package, online shopping products are significantly more up. More and more people enjoy the home consumption at high temperatures, driven by online shopping, courier and other industries. In this regard, the authorities said that the rise of online shopping, courier and other industries to bring people a lot of convenience, but consumers enjoy the benefits, but also should strengthen self-protection.

high temperature baked hot shop business

July fire, the original is the traditional commercial off-season, but the emergence of online shopping has changed this situation. The little mouse in the house to wait for online shopping, courier delivery, in the summer, baked under high temperature, a lot of "Indoorsman Indoorswoman" choice of network consumption, driven by rapid online business.

reporter consulted a number of sellers in taobao.com found that since July, not only like a fan, mat, swimsuit, sunscreen, summer clothing and other summer merchandise sales soared, and like the computer, MP3, toiletries, stationery and other non seasonal goods sales also increased. The shop "Zhao Ji appliances" manager Zhao Chong told reporters that the shop of a vertical fan, the last 30 days sold more than 1 thousand and 200 copies, sales of more than doubling in June, like the compression pouch, electric irons and other seasonal merchandise is not too strong, in the last month of sales also considerable. Reporters found through the network statistics, the store in a section of the electric iron in the last month actually sold more than 1 thousand and 800. Another professional help people purchasing brand merchandise shop owner said, the hot weather, many people do not want to go out shopping, it also spawned a flourishing network of purchasing, in recent months, he has helped hundreds of people purchasing a brand T-shirt, a large amount of business.

online shopping reminders fire express business

and online shopping is accompanied by the courier industry. In recent years, the increasing volume of online shopping parcels, has increased from 10% in the past few years to now about 40%, especially recently, more than a dozen of our sales staff often busy." A courier company staff said. With the development of online shopping, courier industry has been accepted by more and more ordinary consumers. Many express companies admitted that although the net profit of the business is not high, but it has become an essential part of.

A staff member of

is located in Haishu District of rhyme Express Division told reporters that this year, the daily volume of delivery increased by one hundred or two hundred, of which online shopping business accounted for about 40%. A courier company responsible for Baiyun, Lianfeng area clerk said, now there is a delivery business volume more than and 100, need three or four people to send basically.

consumers need to strengthen self-protection

quickly became popular online shopping, courier, bring a lot of convenience to the "Indoorsman Indoorswoman", but as a new way of consumption, consumer protection, industry and commerce departments repeatedly remind consumers to strengthen self-protection.

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