What should we do About fake, Taobao, SAC this thing


from the social benefits, as long as the outcome is not the east wind prevails over the west wind type, then the administrative power in the large environment, Taobao and SAIC will bring the positive effect of this. But it shouldn’t be a game that is more powerful than anyone else, so this article tries to find out how things ought to be from a detached perspective of rationality.

explores the basic methodology of right and wrong

if there is no clear definition of responsibilities and boundary in scale of selling fake platform definition, then everything is not only is a kind of subjective emotion, and ultimately it will become a game of pure force size, no justice, only the outcome, but the society should not be so.

Taobao is not selling fake? Apparently some. Industrial and commercial administration of the results of random checks can not withstand scrutiny apparently can not withstand scrutiny. Should we simply look for the root cause of the problem, such as the arrogance of executives?.

Key to

this kind of problem is not at a level so vague on the discussion is not so certain, no results, but the first to define as a business platform what kind of fake rate is reasonable, and how to define this fake fake rate? In the eradication of this process is the platform of the party Ali need to assume responsibility for what is the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and regulators should bear what responsibility, businesses should bear what responsibility?

when the above questions to clarify, we know that Ali did right or wrong, the general administration to do right or wrong. Otherwise, said: you are too arrogant, then there is no place to say that the right and wrong, only to see the right. What is arrogance, what is not arrogant?

in order to define the scale of power and responsibility, it is necessary to deal with two kinds of situations, one is the framework of the existing procedures can be dealt with, one is not enough to deal with the framework of existing procedures. The former must ensure procedural justice, while the latter should be led, the dominant people should basically be the government, otherwise things are missing the first push. Fake electronic business platform is more like the latter, which should not be a simple means to deal with the new things.

that would make things more clearly, to solve the problem of fake electronic business platform, the first to the relevant departments such as the administration of industry and Commerce led the establishment of measure method and define the powers and responsibilities of the border parties, not this thing, it is impossible to say exactly Ali do good or Jingdong to do good, or bad, could not there is a real improvement. The so-called no measurement will not improve, which is almost certainly the truth in the fight against fakes.

possible outcome of

If the outcome of

from the perspective of confrontation, Ali and SAIC generally there are only two possible results:

is a kind of. This is either died, things suddenly disappeared; or the performance for the two sides to reach the surface of the line, double.