There are more than 90% of the owners do not understand the meaning of the domain name owner, to tal

domain name meaning: domain name as a special role of the Internet product, it has not come from any party. The registration of any party you have just used to keep the domain name and renewals period of use of power. As a matter of fact, the domain name is not allowed to be taken away, but it is not safe, and there are various factors and reasons which can not be thought at any time. It is necessary for the international domain name management agency ICANN to forcibly reclaim and redistribute it. If your domain name infringes the rights and interests of US’s law related businesses. Only for international domain name)

on the other domestic agents and agents, I would like to say is that all the domain name registrar and proxy powers are too large. Your domain name is actually in the hands of the agent or the registrar. If people want to steal or direct recovery of your domain name to use the power of it is piece of cake. So we all think that registered domain names have to find a big good registrar. Domestic domain name agents like now, take the hands of a platform for the laggards. Personal opinion first choose to find a card, if the personal agent from the horse is the real name of the person, there is a home to rent a room, although it is easy, the phone is less than two of these brothers to avoid the domain name registration. Unless you are sure that you believe in the credibility of this person, or that your domain value does not exceed 10000. There is something that is not very loud!

an international domain name on the WHOIS domain name of the registered person is not what the weight of the main. You can apply for a domain name to a foreign registration authority, I would like to ask the Registrar of the domain name on the platform can not change the transfer of direct P to the other side of the account on it. I think it’s important to be able to prove that the domain name is registered when your domain name has been stolen or caused by a person, for example, it can be legally binding on the court.

of course you can transfer transaction domain name was renamed as the best, if not as long as the two sides have reached a deal in the process of witnesses and evidence can prove the other domain name owners traded with you, and transfer the domain name to you can. I think the domain name of the players in the domain name is the first name of the transfer of the domain name, so that they do not understand the domain name owner is only used to. Can be too persistent. Miss those passing the domain name investment opportunities! Why domestic domain name game player will think of this problem? I think it’s just a domestic domain registrar that several mainstream in order to protect their rights and interests, impose illegal treaties just want to add some household income such as. It is the product of the system under the conditions of the psychological problems caused by everyone as a domestic domain name can be sued together. Now I am the expected – not two or three years of the new network, 10 thousand nets, frequency, new business, Internet, etc. the main domain name registration management authority to change the domain name open chamber of commerce. Then we can easily change the user name.

said that the domain name as a kind of intangible assets, but has endless value assessment, so the domain name dispute has been a lot of problems. International domain name authority ICANN also can not solve or directly favor the origin of foreign companies for a long time. >.