Follow the star to go shopping, the star wardrobe, tapping the potential of mobile providers

I horse: China’s first file star straddling fashion reality show "the goddess’s new clothes" was produced in wildly beating gongs and drums. Star wardrobe hit tens of millions of dollars to become a special sponsor of this program. Around the contents of the placement and advertising voice rendering and other issues, Lin Qinghua to the other end of the phone and ask questions.

this is a cross screen marketing mobile application star wardrobe. When you see this article, the program has been broadcast in the Oriental TV and Youku sync.

product line for two years, the star wardrobe has been in rapid development. Up to now, the total number of active users of the application has reached about 40000000, the number of active users daily number of about 3000000. August 2014, the star wardrobe has completed $50 million C round of financing, valuation has exceeded $200 million.

street beat big data

founded the star wardrobe, Lin Qinghua in Shandong paper industry for 11 years, after 4 years at the end of the world community as vice president.

Lin Qinghua claimed to have served as most of the posts in the newspaper. As the Shandong second Metropolis Daily, Shandong business daily, one of the founders, served as general manager of the newspaper for two years, Lin Qinghua will be the newspaper advertising and the issuance of income from the sum of $two to $200 million to $60 million. In 2007, it is the most glorious period of the newspaper.

new media has quietly in this trend, the southern spring Focus Media the same year billions of dollars in advertising revenue, greatly touched the nerve Lin qinghua.

2009, Lin Tsinghua joined Tianya community, vice president of marketing. However, the operation of Tsinghua Tsinghua talent did not play in the end to the extreme. Looking back at this process, Lin explained that the end of the world has not developed a particularly good advertising products.

while Lin Qinghua was quite anxious, there are a lot of people inside the horizon in private discussions or formal resignation of entrepreneurship. In 2011, a former colleague based on big data to get a great success in entrepreneurship, Lin Qinghua inspired by this, but also intends to try in this direction.

after several discussions, Lin Qinghua and his partner decided to force in the field of electricity providers, and will focus on the business scope of the apparel.

choose to do this, there are two reasons: first, according to iResearch released the "2013 Chinese vertical electricity supplier of women’s fashion industry research report", launched in 2012 the star wardrobe, shoes clothing sales accounted for the national exclusive online shopping topped 26.5% of the total. Second, the vast majority of goods in the network does not have a brand of clothing, the data presented unstructured features, and massive unstructured data for data mining provides a huge space.

in the view of Lin Qinghua, are divided into three levels: the first is visible in the forefront of fashion, fashion large, T Xiu, but these are emphasis on the concept of market and industry, and have a certain distance; the middle of the season of fashion, has elements of industrialization, >