Pig CMS micro electricity supplier store personal center big revision, custom mode is capricious


code in recent days, perhaps his brother was to eat Hyun step, the development of new features can not stop the pace. Send off the A function, but also usher in B features, there is a C function behind. To tell the truth, so many new features, small series do not know who should be dedicated to the knee.

just 100 worry loss on the occasion, there is a significant improvement of micro locked small eyes faint. Revealing the martial air this function, small series can not help but secretly applauded.

shouted: pig CMS micro personal center revision! All kinds of custom, headstrong


new version of the personal center page, you can view the user role information, and distributor role information. In addition, the business can also choose to display in the background of the relevant information in the personal Center (mobile terminal personal center). For example, a member of the content related nickname (order, gift certificates, personal information), promotion (promotion, promotion center order bonus… And so on.

merchants can not only choose to make these options for the show, you can also edit the column address. For example, my shopping cart, if the business is not creative enough, you can play your brain hole. Click the "Edit" modified "in the cut list, easy fix, a key to achieve.

has a full range of custom function 360° strong support, businesses can be based on their own marketing needs, customized exclusive personal characteristics of their own center. Want to how capricious on how headstrong, your site you call the shots!

pig CMS micro electricity supplier, the store’s personal center customization, all the needs of the master! (micro signal: pigcms micro-blog: pig CMS- on the other side of Hefei)

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