The new extension for cross-border black five God assists Tmall international babe network homeopath

plays a very important role in football or basketball games, which is a very important step before scoring.


eleven has just passed, and has cross-border cross-border business electricity supplier and full of blood resurrection began to prepare for the United States " double eleven " black five shopping festival, and strive for the domestic consumer goods bring global focus. And in November 15th, the Ministry of Commerce paper a red head document, announced that, in order to steadily promote cross-border electricity supplier retail import regulatory model transition, the trial of six months of the new deal will extend the transition period to the end of 2017. This cross-border electricity supplier is undoubtedly a major positive, so that the cross-border electricity supplier who applauded, called black five before God assists. As for the upcoming cross-border electricity supplier in a hotly contested spot of the black five shopping festival, especially significant.

in this regard, Tmall international general manager Liu Peng said, the cross-border retail electricity supplier Import Supervision extend the transition period to the end of 2017, reflecting the government attaches great importance to cross-border electricity supplier, willing to devote more time to study more feasible policy, as a platform, we are willing to join in the discussion of cross-border electricity supplier in the future. And the same with cross-border business babe network responsible for that, which indicates that the relevant departments to actively listen to the voice of the industry and market, but also to the time in the optimization and adjustment of more relevant enterprises and departments to deal with the supervision mode adjustment.

in the positive guidance of favorable policies, at the upcoming black Friday as cross-border electricity supplier Tmall international, Amazon, China, Beibei net, ocean terminal and revelry, have resorted to various preferential ways, meet consumers buy global good wishes.


this year, Tmall international hit "the same goods, with the price, with a black five" theme, with no difference in the brand, goods and experience, China let consumers feel like America’s "black five" atmosphere. In order to allow consumers to personally experience the same black five, Tmall international specially built on the line a black five avenue". In this counterfeit line virtual New York street in Fifth Avenue, in addition to the user can find Messi department store, Target, Saks, Fifth Avenue Victoria s Secret "brand america.


for the special status of the Amazon China, during the "black five" promotion, will be introduced from the United States and consumers Chinese Amazon Amazon UK more than 70 thousand sea Amoy popular brand nearly 2000 overseas from the Amazon site Zhendian treasure, straight down the massive explosion of preferential selection.


for maternal electricity supplier leader babe network, the black five Carnival prepared to fire.