The blue ocean pier has prospects 2016 years to continue to consolidate the hand-made

DoNews January 27th news the day before, blue ocean pier CEO once the scene will be reviewed and summarized the 2015 cross-border electricity supplier industry and Ocean Terminal in the years of development once a year, and 2016 outlook.

Ceng Bibo said that 2015 is the cross-border electricity supplier industry heavy year, in flames, brutal competition, ocean pier just like a running on the highway of armored vehicles with hand-made model has achieved initial success. 2016, the foreign terminal will continue to believe that the power of faith, accelerate the pace of global expansion, improve service quality.

2015 cross-border electricity supplier raging flames

2015 is the heavy year for cross-border electricity supplier, in 2013 2014, no easy capital has just entered the sweet, cruel, fierce competition has become the main tone of the 2015.

in 2015, including Tmall, Jingdong, business tycoon into a comprehensive cross-border electricity supplier, commercial fire focus on standard all of the mall and the bonded imported mode, in a game after a price war to me to you, fight capital, spell vertical entrepreneurial heritage, struggling in the fierce battle for deposit.

"The 2015

ocean terminal is a crazy running on the highway vehicle, full pressure, and the giants of price war, grab resources to fight the sales, all in a world of their occupation, but the Ocean Terminal did better than that." once said, blue.

had blue ocean terminal in 2015 summary, successfully established a system of international logistics service to more than and 20 countries and regions: 11 international logistics center all over the world; every week there are more than and 40 global ocean port international logistics flights; the world of goods to China only 5 days. This is only to support the consumer can meet the needs of personalized, diversified supply chain fragmentation."

data show that in 2015, the West Ocean Pier on the north side of the Greater Khingan Range Mohe County, the consumers from Heilongjiang from Xinjiang, the south from Hainan Sanya, the east from Jiamusi, the national total of more than 60% local consumers around the world through the ocean terminal to buy goods.


terminal will continue to adhere to the "hand-made"

"for every Chinese person to enjoy the best quality of life in the world, it is necessary to provide a more diverse range of global goods, more personalized service." Ceng Bibo said, unlike other cross-border electricity company, 2015 Ocean Terminal consolidate the original buyers live mode, that can support the fragmented supply chain customer interest oriented and personalized needs in the global organization.

according to the ocean terminal before the public information, Ocean Terminal in more than and 40 countries and regions worldwide with more than 20 thousand of buyers, is able to provide cross-border electricity around the world famous bags and shoes and other non standardized goods. In order to provide quality services, the foreign terminal