Shop consignment to find suppliers must pay attention to some of the items

talking to you today about "some matters" shop dealers find source suppliers must pay attention to what is called Gu Ming shop dealers is that you open a shop sellers to help others to make a modest in the middle because some of your post, do shop dealers must find source suppliers, find sources where to find it, in fact, to find supply as flat as there are many such as: Shop 515 source is a good platform. Often find suppliers in the supply is the most headache thing. There are a lot of friends when looking for suppliers cheated.

first. Now on the Internet are popular with a generation of delivery it, then we would like to talk about a generation of shipping headache. A delivery is only to you buy goods, pay the money to you, you can pay your suppliers, your supplier deliver goods to your customers, but you do not know your supplier what made the goods to your customers, it will create very things. For example: some wrong color, some of the wrong size, the worse is your supplier send some junk to your customers and your customers will find you a bunch of bad you cannot argue, because you do not see the goods, do not know whether he said, when you to find your suppliers suppliers also have a lot of reasons when you do this in the middle of a bit of trouble to sell customer demands the return and your family do not agree to withdraw. There are too many situations like this

second. There are some unwritten rules, is to pay the deposit fee. The pre deposit fee that you pay some money to your suppliers, for when you take the goods from your deposit fees deducted. This is a matter of consignment friends must pay attention to the matter, why pay the deposit fee at this time there are many reasons suppliers. What made pre deposit fee to take the goods price ah what in short a lot let you hand over the pre stored fee reason, this time you must clearly think that 1 of your suppliers are direct manufacturers? Maybe he like you is the goods of others. It may be his home also did not have the goods in his shop in the mall, you just see some false picture. When you do not have to pay for their pre deposit fee they say than what all good once you give the money to him, then his attitude will turn 180 degrees, when your customers buy from you goods you find suppliers when the goods they will say this is not why they say because you give him the money, they do not want to send the goods to you is so simple, there is to find them when they don’t always ignore you online. A: it is possible that they will say in what circumstances will be returned to your deposit, you do not believe. The money into their pockets even if they don’t go jumping back to you) 2 even if the supplier is direct manufacturers you help him sell them happy too. Why do you have to pay the deposit fee? When you do not want to send him to the point that you pay the deposit fee, when you regret it too late, in short, you have to remember the money in their pockets to be safe. No online >