The new CEO or advance secretly by an unknown path Wanda Suning VP

Suning at the beginning of the second half of 2015 is Bo eye. The latest learned billion state power network, the Alibaba invested 28 billion 300 million, Suning is expected to Wanda electricity supplier business operations. Dong Ce after the suspension of the CEO post may be played by Su Ning VP.

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Wanda Huanshuai, had 8 million annual recruitment posted outflows, said the new CEO candidates must meet the age between 38 to 50 years old, served as CEO or COO in the well-known Internet Co; the ability to focus on operations, technical flow.


online spread Wanda electricity supplier CEO advertising

Since then,

, there are several well-known professional managers of the electricity supplier to disclose, and Wanda executives had contact. But the end result of the game is the trend, and declined the invitation of Wanda electricity supplier.

obviously, Gong Yitao, two people have fled, let Wanda electricity supplier CEO into a hot position in the. "Although the returns are good but after much attention, who are also at risk and pressure."

According to informed sources,

Wanda electricity supplier from the previous independent business with commercial, real estate, tourism and other pillar industries downgraded to sub units. Wanda electricity supplier has’ demise ‘, is no longer directly mentioned in the interior, but in the name of the fly everywhere in the name of Wanda Commercial management."

these people also pointed out that now fly where the team is from Ali to Ren Wei’s (COO) presided over the overall situation, Cao Dajun (CIO) with a technical team.

According to Wanda

insiders, who fly network plans to move to Shanghai, the future does not rule out even the Wanda Group will move to Shanghai.

As for the

industry is most concerned about the position of CEO, there are people close to Wanda told billion state power network, a vice president from the friends of the business group’s internal wanda.

"if it is a friend, most likely to be closer to the Shanghai Suning (Nanjing)." An analysis of the domestic retail business executives, in view of Baidu, the Tencent holding Teng million, a relatively small proportion (Wanda accounted for 70%, Baidu and Tencent, and is currently on station 15%) Wanda electricity supplier more state is on the sidelines, it is difficult to directly send executives to take over Wanda business,

after some media reported that Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin had personally complained that "don’t look at them two is to engage in the Internet, give opinions, all of our own R & d".

Wanda all partners, most understand the electricity supplier, and the most practical experience in the field of O2O is suning. Moreover, Wanda has inspired the Wanda Department store business to sue the well operation." The retail business executives that various competing relationship before this, Wanda has never let the third party directly in charge of the business operation, but after experimenting with a series of trial and error, also began to seek effective measures.

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