Beautiful said western style Sea Amoy App international big sale


] January 30th news billion state power network, billion state power network that beautiful women vertical electric business platform said recently launched its mobile terminal overseas shopping channel HIGO, HIGO independent App also synchronized on-line. Has always been the beauty of civilians also said by the sea Amoy international big line.


billion state power network is observed, at present, HIGO is selected, and a new three point goods special, the main products include international brand clothing, bags, beauty skin care products, most of these products by beautiful overseas shipments from overseas buyers team. Compared to the beautiful has always been to the outside world of low price, weak brand impression, the relative price of goods on the high side of the HIGO, and more brand.

According to the official

said the beautiful, ASOS, COACH, LV and other international brands will appear on the HIGO.


in addition, HIGO also added some social elements to set up global buyers channel users can choose to join the circle, according to different buyers circle brand label, in the circle of consulting, sun single buyer or with other buyers to discuss and exchange.

According to

billion state power network to understand, in the last year, double 11 during the opening of the beautiful South Korean direct mail service, the first to test the water scouring the sea market, HIGO through the recruitment of global buyers, will undoubtedly expand the scope of the sea amoy. At present, the HIGO includes products from South Korea, Japan, the United States, Italy and other countries.

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