The high price of foreigners is hard to resist

made a "through foreign text advertising to make" post yesterday, today published an article on the sale of links to tutorials, exaggeration to say actually everywhere is beautiful knife, see whether you would like to pick up.

Linkworth to Backlinks is different, linkworth (hereinafter referred to as LW) more, many kinds of ways to make money, but the sale price can be custom links in LW, that is to say, you think your site links a value of $50, you can set the price to $50. As long as there is a buyer feel that the value of the price, he will buy, so earn more than in the backlinks (hereinafter referred to as BL) to sell links earn more.

note: all the money earned in LW is LW, 7/3 points, that is your 70%, LW take 30%. I only do the sale link of this project, to do this to register a tutorial.

1 to open the LW official website to register address: registration method is very simple, do not capture.

2 after the registration is completed, log in, click on the navigation menu, "mysite> submit site> one site" to add site

I’m here to talk about the sale of links to the tutorial, the other is actually the same, so I’ll take LinkAds as an example

fill in and click on the Add button below to submit site. Submit completed, your site has a conversion process, when you are in the background of "mysite> manage site" to see your site submitted for "Approved" when you have been in operation for this site.

when there is a buyer to buy your link later, LW will e-mail you, when you log on to the background of the seller’s request. The buyer’s requirements include the description of the link, the address of the link, the location of the link, etc.. When you add a good link to your site, you have a confirmation button in the background. You click on the notification to the seller. LW 10 monthly payment on time.

I wish you a lot of selling links, a lot of money

PS: there are many ways to make money blog, write an article, I will be updated daily an article, if you can’t wait for it, ha ha, go to: blog column look to make money. If you have any questions, please email me,

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