Electricity providers to do more to do after sales management

in early 2005, I thought again and again, in the Taobao store decided to do a little business, then a lot of products to the final choice of electronic products and computer accessories, the reason is that with the economic development and improvement of the Internet, the popularization of computer, millions of families of Chinese computer demand will be very considerable.

said, then set up a small team of 4 people, every day is to take pictures on the baby to a month, can not do business to sell 20 single, all income, wages are not enough, we are confused and helpless.

computer products should choose this direction is not wrong, why do business than the store is also bleak? Things always have reason, then we immediately called a team meeting, analyze the reasons, find the number of daily visit online is very limited, even worse than the store more. So in front of us is a very strange thing – network promotion. I immediately put our only 4 employees into the group of two, a group of baby and do customer service, another group to promote. So insist on a month, as expected, with the results, the shop orders soared. Second months on a single volume turned over several times. Direction is right, so I continue to recruit staff, a year down the team from the original 4 to the development of the 15 people, sales are increasing every month. Everyone saw the hope, and the work was full of enthusiasm.

happy not long, I suddenly found that the number of orders for several months in decline. We are not to follow the prescribed order, what to change, why? You are very distressed, have held a meeting to analyze the reason for the decline every day, but this meeting did not solve what problem.

just two months passed, and at least one month in the last two months was a sleepless night. Analysis of the sales decline for many reasons and problems, also tried a lot of methods to solve, but also make a lot of excuses for their own, but these are only boots naoyang.

once, I went to the after sales maintenance department, this is a place I have been reluctant to go. Because the place is small, and chaos. I inadvertently see a send Shanghai customer repair products on the shelves, yet demolished courier packaging, I picked up at a week before the date. I found the customer service personnel questioned why a week ago things haven’t? Customer service staff is very helpless to explain to me: We rework many, every day there are at least dozens or even hundreds of pieces, and now only 3 customer service staff, we work every day is testing, maintenance, query whether rework parts warranty and communicate with customers and communication, with the sales staff to communicate with vendors, report and so on, from work to work are not idle, sometimes customers call the maintenance and we are going to check for a long time. One is at the same time do a few things, the work efficiency is really……

heard here I put down the package express, immediately found the sales staff to understand is not the most recent period of customer complaints and bad lot? "Yes! We are not too awesome customer service……" I finally come.

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