To treat the network in good faith to make money

Internet has created a lot of wealth to the people, make people realize the dream of wealth, this is it brings us good things, we should also see the other side of it, that is the cyber crooks everywhere, using a variety of fraudulent means a lot of money, this is the negative impact brought by network. Today is to talk about the existence of Wangzhuan liar is how to use the greedy people to cheat, we should take what measures to do Wangzhuan project to what kind of mentality? Is not greedy, in good faith to have treated the network to make money, this way is a permanent solution.

when the station was only a short while ago, contact Wangzhuan industry, but also cheated many times, beginning with the greedy and half believe and half doubt to do the project, invested hundreds of yuan in the nothing, lost cost, this just see light suddenly, they cheated. It is a hook to make money project, called the Department of science and technology, need to invest 230 yuan to join, the main content is the operation by hook brush integral, and then converted into Renminbi, said as long as the project reached fifty yuan per can, within 24 hours of payment to the account, can hang up all day, no time limit, then that is really listen to others, and that can be received, and screenshots to prove that then I sent 200 yuan to join, because it is introduced by others, so the province thirty yuan. Results after one week to go to the payment account billing software, a pop-up window that must introduce a person to join your downline to get paid, referral group reached 10 after the cancellation of payment limit, this is clearly the bluff, and can not really get the payment, the so-called the screenshots are proven false, this is a common form of Wangzhuan deception, to remind everyone should be careful not to add some investment projects are crooks use.

Of course

liar is very hateful, but we should find more of their own reasons, not to Wangzhuan and lose yourself, greed will let you lose something more, therefore, on the other hand, we need to do Wangzhuan the integrity, with good reputation based on the Internet, this is a booster Wangzhuan development.

to the immediate interests and destroyed a long-term goal that is very unwise, crooks can cheat network while a new part of the money, but not for a long time, reputation will be worse, a mass ten, ten hundred, hundred thousand pass, until you know that you are a liar, you won’t be joining your project, your project will not be able to survive, it will disappear, then how to make money.

and honest can get everyone’s support, especially for personal Adsense or enterprise website, we will go to a good reputation, for you, and you work together to make money, so popular in the world, Wangzhuan development needs to honesty.

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