Google AdSense not to be divulged the secret

    the truth is to scold scold Google AdSense, and do not feel worthy of a curse, and N of the webmaster besottedly, see "blog Alliance Google Adsense account is disabled (seal), see the famous blog Moonlight blog questioned the Google awarded me $250, than 100 users earn more than $Google, so the money come from? Google how to make profit?" The question, I believe that the normal blogger and AdSense to Google webmaster is much larger than the famous question of moonlight, and see the station graph king did not do GG promotion, so I decided to reveal the secret Google AdSense not to be divulged.

    I do stand is the beginning of 2006 (blog), and for Google AdSense, but to my blog contains copyrighted content not through, so I organized my photography comments made a comment on photography blog, my photos of a column in 2000 in Chinese photography online. Now almost every photography sites are reproduced in my website, make your own photography review website (blog) in my opinion is not much significance, can be said is that this is the official website of photography of my comments, but the 10 IP daily traffic is shabby, only for the purpose of this blog so I to do is apply Google AdSense, my own original works, to see how Google AdSense also said, in the other half a month after finally approved.

    so I went to more than 1 noon when I started in a relatively large flow of non independent blog (registered in the blog americancustodians blog there) to release Google AdSense, 2 hours after the settlement proceeds $1, with the original Google AdSense users feeling really easy to make money, second the 11 day return knife, Jesus Christ, click rate reached 13%, which is not too high, but I have no way, this is the real click, I believe Google will understand, don’t judge me cheating. In this way, I still put the copyright in the article site, if put up, the estimated click rate will be higher. I figured, if this continues, I can return $300 a month, anyway, to work in just ways what I fear, I earn more than the station grew up in. According to the online said, more than $200 will increase the audit efforts, so I put off Google AdSense, the revenue of $115, including a $1 fox promotion (note a browser 1 foreigners China knife, only 1 hair really discrimination Chinese ah), at the beginning of next month, I was K, the reason is "invalid clicks". Heaven and earth conscience, invalid click is impossible. In the launch of Google AdSense at the same time I also installed a set of G>

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